Detox Diet - 3 days, 1 Week, 14 days or 30?

Going on a detox diet? I’m proud of you! It is really a wise choice - all of us would need a little detoxification of our bodies these days because so many of us walk around with allergies, extra weight, gut and colon issues, liver, thyroid or kidney problems, adrenal issues...

I do personalized detox programs with individuals and in groups, and you can also get one of the many plans I've got here if you prefer doing your cleanse by yourself at home.

The best length of a cleanse? It depends on what you want to achieve by doing this. is it some weight we want to get rid of? Then a shorter plan would work. The more weigh you need to get rid off, the longer the plan should be though. But a for example a 1 week detox plan is fine, because most probably you will continue on your own after that because of the good results that you will see.

Is it a serious health issue we are trying to reverse? Then I wouldn't say there is even anything as a special time that it would take everyone with the same disease, because all of us are different genetically. And when the body has gone into an advanced stage already, we need more time than when the health challenge is just in the beginning stages. For example, a Parkinson's case could take over a year and a half to reverse! Right now I'm actually just starting to work with someone who has a movement disorder, just got diagnose and he is so scared but also so motivated to jump right in and kick this disease's as. I love his spirit, such a wonderful human being, really. This is what he said in his last email to me: "I am all in - the sooner the better! You and I are going to have a great adventure! Thank you so much for being there Antonia!!"

It can be good to start with a shorter plan or program and take a loner one when you are more familiar with doing things like this. Ideally I would like for you to not only want to do a program or follow a plan for a while, but afterwards also change your lifestyle and eating habits completely. I know that this is not realistic for everyone, but that would anyway be what I would wish for you.

I know that there are people out there saying that the body can do everything it should be doing regardless of what we eat. I'm sure those people have never gone on a fast or cleanse themselves - ever! And those of us who have done it several times know there is a great need to detox. We wish that everybody would do one because we know how much it has benefited us and we want the same for others.

Detoxing can be done anytime if you are older than 18, not pregnant and not breastfeeding. It's a great gift you can give yourself. At times we need a little rest from food so our body can focus on healing and strengthening what has become weak. If the weakness is chronic, you will have to stay on the 'fast' longer.

Our bodies are just not designed to keep taking in food all the time, and that's the mistake that is often done these days, to overeat several times a day. Very stressful for the body. That's why it's possible to do a diet like this to give the body a rest. And at the same time leaving the old habits behind and getting a chance of a fresh start.

After a week or so your taste buds will be craving fresh apple juice instead of chocolate.

But the best detox diet? Would it be the 3 Day Detox? Or one that would last a whole month? I would again say, it really depends on your goal. Do you want to get rid of your cravings? Sugar addiction? Slim down? Heal your liver, gallbladder, kidneys, ovaries, thyroid, acne, adrenal issues? Cleanse your gut?

The more complex the issue, the longer the cleanse.

If you have been feeling a bit tired or sluggish lately, fresh food full of vitamins will often help - forget the rest of the things you are craving and focus on a good detox program for a while.

Some of you have also asked me for recommendation on good detox centers in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Arizona and other places. Places where you can actually stay a few weeks at. I do know some really good ones, but they are too many to list here so if you want help with finding one, just contact me and I will see what I can do.

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