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Best detox for weight loss? Here is healthy diet weight loss information for you!

We talk about dieting and weight programs and I'll also share some interesting weight loss facts with you.

When it comes to burning body fat, a combination of exercise and a super healthy diet is always the best.

And it's good to remember that what you eat (or don't eat) is still the most important part of slimming down.

I often do it during the winter too! It's great.

But seriously, when it comes to weight loss, I recommend coaching.


Because a diet plan often works better if you at the same time do some coaching or counseling.

Unless  you have a good friend who is dedicated in trying to help you with this.

There are all kinds of obstacles and feelings that might come up and they are best dealt with together with someone else.

On its own, a diet plan is not always that effective - no matter how healthy and well planned it is.

Your Healthy Diet Plans and Stress

It can be, but more times than not you'll stick to it for a while and things will go well, but very often something happens (a birthday party, a dinner at a relative...) that will make you deviate from the plan.

And if you are alone and have no one to talk to about what happened, there will be no one there who can tell you that it's OK - things like that happen to everyone and tomorrow is a new day.

Instead you are left alone with your feelings and you might feel like "who cares, now everything is ruined anyway".

And then you might even eat more of the things that are definitely not found on your diet plan.

So that's why it's beneficial to have someone you can email and talk to when things aren't going the way they should.

Because that happens to all of us at some point.

Healthy Diet Weight Loss Information - A Program You Might Like

Changing the way you eat isn't easy! No one said it is. And if someone did say that, they probably haven't tried it themselves..

It's important to stay motivated and exited about the change that's happening.

Changing the way you eat is not easy...

I've got a something you could sign up if you want.

See more here.

Also, when there are things like "bad foods" and "good foods", some people will feel like rebelling after some time.

So they will eat something that's not good for them, and it's totally normal to need some hand holding to be able to continue again without feeling bad or like you've failed.

Here are two questions for you:

Have you ever felt like if you would just be thinner, then all your problems will go away? It's not always as simple as that. And often it's a long road getting there and it can be a very emotional journey.

It's also possible, unless you have a real food addiction (which I suspect I might have), to eat really well most of the time but then have one or two cheat days a week.

That's what my cousin's friend does.

She has always been a little chubby, gained quite a lot during her pregnancy and after.

But now she has finally reached her ideal weight by eating healthy six days a week and then doing what she wanted on Saturdays.

It works well because after a few months you will be used to the nutritious foods instead of what you used to have, because your taste buds have changed, and you might not anymore want so much of the old crappy foods.

They just won't taste as good now and you have found new healthy comfort foods instead.

By the way, it pays off to lead an active lifestyle:

Make sure you let me know if you need any help or if you have any questions :)

I also want to share this short informative video with you:


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Speaking of healthy diet weight loss information, in the magazine VegNews I read that the way it looks now, by 2030 there will be at least another 8 million people in the US living with diabetes! That's a lot of people, more than the population of Finland! And this is mostly because of poor eating habits.

Of course diabetes cases are popping up everywhere in the world these days, not only in the US. UK has pretty scary numbers too, and so do many other countries too.

So, you better start working on your diet NOW so you won't become one of them!

You can read about diabetes nutrition here.

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