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Jun 25, 2018

Detox Diet Tips

Detox diet tips

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Jun 24, 2018

You can harden a mind but never a heart

I was just watching something on TV (a reading with a medium and one guy) and the guy (he had been in the military) said 'all his life he was taught to be tough, to always be prepared.. but you know, you can harden muscles and you can harden a mind but you can never harden a heart'.

I thought that was beautiful.

Jun 24, 2018

The Miscarriage

I had to have a check up because it's over a month ago now that it happened. It was one of the saddest moments of my life but I have mourned so much that I'm feeling okay now.

I'm still at the hospital, came out from the doctor's office now. He said there is no way they can know why it happened, "we can never know" he said. I guess it's just nature who does things like this sometimes.

But I still want to work on my body to get any possible problems I might be causing the environment inside me not be be suitable for any future fetuses.

Jun 22, 2018


We are moving in a few days and I'm supposed to be packing but to tell you the truth, I'm quite exhausted. But I'll still do my best. I know I need to get this done. The landlord is coming to visit tomorrow afternoon and by then it needs to be very clean in here...

Jun 18, 2018

Me and my son are moving - again

We are about to move back to Finland for a few months, so soon it will become very busy with packing and so on. I really should have started already.. But no worries. Tomorrow I will try to get at least some of it done. Hope you are doing well over there. Glad you are visiting my website. Hugs to you!

Jun 18, 2018

My blender is broken..

Today I felt was a hatd day to be on a cleanse. My Nutribullet broke.. and they told me at the store it could take many weeks or more to get it back from repair.. I wanted to cry. I use that thing almodt for every meal. I hope this won't change anything. I will jist have chew my fruit instead. But I'm not going to give up because of a set-back like this. I'll make it work.

Jun 15, 2018

Whole Body Detox Diet

Here is a complete whole body detox diet that will work on all organs one at a time. You are literally going to be a new person when done!

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Jun 14, 2018

Body Detox Diet

We do a body detox diet with our clients at our luxury spa in the south of Europe and now you can also find a similar online program! So no need to travel.

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Jun 14, 2018

Healthy Body Detox

Up for a healthy body detox? You'll find lots of helpful tips on this site

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Jun 13, 2018

Weight Loss Detox Programs

Weight loss detox programs - Let's look more closely at some cleanses and healthy diets to lose weight!

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Jun 13, 2018

21 Day Detox Diet

A 21 day detox diet is a great length of a cleanse! YOur body has enough time to do some major work during a 3 week period. Good choice!

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Jun 12, 2018

Healthy Detox Diet Plans

Looking for detox diet plans? Let's figure out what kind would fit you!

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Jun 12, 2018


I picked a lot of peaches and some of them were not ripe yet. So on my balcony now I have a lot of peaches on plates, soaking up the sunlight. I hope they will ripen that way? It might take a few days but should be do-able. I can't wait to eat them. Peaches here in Gozo tate heavenly.

Jun 10, 2018

Dieting Help

Do you need dieting help? I'm here to help you, lets get started!

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Jun 08, 2018


My sleep patterns have been totally off the last few days.. it started with me bringing my son to the airport and we didn't sleep at night.

Two days later I had some sort of insomnia, just couldn't fall asleep. And today I have been working all night, now it's 5 am and I have a meeting tomorrow at 11. So I have to go to bed now and really wish I will be able to sleep.

I will be researching a little more about insomnia tomorrow and why it happens. I know it's also just a matter of taking care of yourself and trying to listen to the body - sleep when it wants to sleep and not wait until YOU think it's convenient to go to bed. I pledge guilty!

I know that a few things we do need enough of in order for the pineal gland to work well and produce melatonin is iodine and green vegetables (minerals). But also no electronics before bed - haven't we all heard that. So hard to follow that advice though.

Good night!

Jun 06, 2018

A beautiful and hot day in Malta today

The birds are singing and the farmers are working on their fields. I'm on my way out to pick figs off of some trees close to my house. Someone probably owns those trees, but I think it's a shame they go bad and start falling off the trees without anyone picking the fruit and eating it! So I will do it :)

Jun 05, 2018

Beyond tired..

Guys, I'm beyond tired.. my son flew to Stockholm today and we were planning to go to bed early and get up at 4 am to make it to the airport in time - but what did we do instead? We stayed up late packing! So at 2 am we decided not to go to sleep at all, otherwise we might be too tired to hear the alarm and miss his flight. After that I had some people come over to look at the house. And now I'm just chilling, had some vegetable broth which is not very much like me at all, usually I love my fruits and not much else. But I just felt I needed something comforting, something salty, after all the stress. And the broth was really good. I'm exhausted but also happy. Take care my lovelies!

May 22, 2018

Another day..

Another day here at the detox retreat :) Not much sunshine at the moment, but the guests are still happy.

Lots of activities, health talks, walks, yoga, meditation and juice four times a day!

I asked the people who work in the kitchen if they can prepare a juice for me every day too - hoping for the best.

May 16, 2018

My own detox diet has started

I'm on a detox diet myself now. This morning I had freshly pressed orange juice and later a smoothie made of 2 apples and some water. I'm going to have a lot of hebs and herbal teas today and more fruit. I am planning on doing a liver flush in a few days so it's good to have a lot of apples before then.

May 13, 2018


It is interesting to seee how people are so different when they arrive vs when they leave from the detox center where I work. They are all so much calmer with clear eyes and most of them are in a good mood. Sometimes there is also some tiny anxiety that creeps in a day or so before leaving - when thinking about what is waiting for them at home (possibly a stressful job, a list of things to get done, maybe even a messy apartment or a needy husband). It really depends on the situation though.

May 02, 2018


The cleaner just came into my office and started washing all the windows. He was spraying a blue liquid on them. He is done now but it is still smelling really strongly from it. I even had to go outside and take a few deep breaths to get away from the smell. So I started thinking about all the chemicals we are surrounded with and breathe in every day... especially if we work in an office. I can't even escape them here at the detox center. Can't be good for us...

May 01, 2018

Water Fasting

A great day over here. One guest was feeling a bit weak because she is water fasting the first two days. She says if she goes straight to juices her body doesn't like it.

I think it sounds like a good idea to do it like that. Empty out the body first, maybe have a colonic or do an enema and then to start nourishing it with amazing juices. Yup.

Apr 30, 2018

My Day

Today was an nice day here at the detox retreat. Treatments, juices, walks, yoga..

A few new guests also arrived this afternoon and had their beetroot, fennel, apple and lemon welcome juice. All were happy and said they liked the taste - including on guy who normally doesn't like beetroot. So, all is well here.

It's the end of the day and I will be going home very soon. Before then I have to stop by at the store to get some fruit. Hugs

Apr 29, 2018

Natural Cleaning Products

When we are on a detox diet, it's really important to use natural cleaning products and skin care products so we don't add toxins into our blood stream and lymph system at the same time as trying to remove them.

A cleaning lady is visiting my house tomorrow because my house is such a mess, and I told her to only use my organic products, essential oils and vinegar. Thankfully she agreed!

Apr 28, 2018


I had such a crazy migraine attack a few days ago. Never had anything like it.. I slept for 20 hours straight and felt a bit better but not totally well. It came from my neck and behind my eyes, but also I'm sure from the GI tract (inflammation), that's where most migraines originate. I will be detoxing my GI tract for a few days to come.

Apr 26, 2018

Detoxing the Clutter - DeClutter :)

Are you taking some time out to relax this weekend? Or what are your plans? I have a cleaner coming over and we are going to make a house makeover! That's needed sometimes. Kind of like detoxing for the house lol

Apr 25, 2018

Wild plants!

One thing that is really good to do if you live next to some green area with wild plants, go and check out what wild weeds and flowers grow there. Pick some and Google them. They might be edible and highly nutritious and cleansing!

Apr 24, 2018

Holiday time

It's warm and the days are full of sunshine here on Gozo. I feel like it's holiday time even though I'm in the office :)

Apr 23, 2018

Detox Help and Advice

Detox Help - A complimentary mini detox consultation where I answer your detox and health questions. Hugs

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Apr 21, 2018

Healthy Detox Low Fat Diet

Yeah, for a detox diet to work properly, it needs to be low fat. You wouldn't add and fat or oil to your fresh juices, would you? The body and especially your pancreas and liver will be happy to have a little break from having to process oils and fats for a while. Just relax and go low fat for a while! :)

Apr 20, 2018

Hi! Cravings...

How are you? Hope you are feeling great today! It's one of those days here when I feel like having the brownies we have at home but I am on the third day of a raw food detox. So nope, no brownies for me! I have to be strict this time so I don't give in - seriously. The power of cravings are incredible.

Apr 19, 2018

Benefits of Eating Raw Food

There are definitely huge benefits to eating raw. All the vitamins are intact, nothing is damaged by heating.

Make sure what you eat is organic so your food is clean and grown in the most mineral-rich and healthiest soil possible.

People ask me if the can eat raw for life and my answer is yes! Especially if you have good places to get fresh produce where you live.

Another thing I've been asked if you lose weight on raw. I would say, most probably you will! Because you are eliminating grains, meat and a lot of extra food that often contributes to weight gain or contributes to staying at a certain weight.

Lots of love, Antonia


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