Is a detox diet healthy?

A detox diet can be a very welcome small 'holiday' for your body. It gives your body a chance to rest and heal and at the same time you add a lot of amazing nutrition into it by drinking amazing juices. So yes it is healthy to go on a detox once in a while. How to eat after your detox, or how to eat a clean and cleansing diet in the long term? It shouldn't be that hard. I have a program that helps you with that, but overall, vegetarian or vegan is often the best and easiest for the heart and digestive tract and keeps your body alkaline.

How is a vegetarian diet healthier than other diets?

Leaving out meat and replacing it with vegetables, legumes and salads sure is healthier than for example making a habit of having steak, bacon, sausage and even chicken for dinner...

But do make sure you also think about the fact that take out and greasy fast food meals, even though they might not contain any meat, still are probably not very healthy for you.

It also depends on what else you do in your life.

For example, I have a friend who has been a vegetarian all his life.

In his teens he started smoking and then smoked for 20 years. So he might not be as healthy as someone who has been eating meat once in a while, even if he is vegetarian.

But luckily my friend has now stopped smoking. And at the moment he very is interested in all sorts of healthy things to undo the damage he has already done to his body.

I hope I answered the is a detox diet healthy question!

Here a woman from New York continues her article from the previous page about healthy eating.

You can go to the first page of this article, if you want to read Lesson 1 and 2.

Lesson #3: Make Your Own Nut Milks and Creams

There really is nothing like homemade almond milk.

It's luscious and creamy. With a little cinnamon, salt and cardamom, it becomes a decadent treat. Yum. My partner and I even toasted the new year with it! It tastes better than alcohol and leaves you feeling great, too :)

Not only are they fresher and more delicious, they also
lack the preservatives that many store-bought varieties contain. Hey, and it's an excuse to drink them faster, too! I really urge you to give it a shot.

As someone who has just made my first batch of cashew cream and my second batch of almond milk, I can tell you I am definitely not seasoned in this realm and it can be intimidating. But it's also fun, and I find jumping in and trying something new always reaps rewards. After all...

Update: I just bought a nut bag from amazon. It seems like it will be much easier than using the cheesecloth.

Lesson #4: Everything In Moderation

As much as I love nuts, I've got to draw a limit. It's easy to get carried away, especially when you have a bag of almond meal and hundreds of amazing recipes for foods you haven't touched in years (if you're like me and eating  gluten and sugar-free).

Eating too many nuts can leave me with a bit of discomfort, and when you use almond meal, the nuts seem to go undetected. Just be mindful if you tend to have a sensitive digestive system.

Here's what one one advocate of the

has to say about eating nuts and phytic acid:

And here's what Livestrong has to say about nuts and digestion:

The lesson? Halve recipes when you can, and share with friends.

It's great to have access to delicious versions of the rich and oh-so-satisfying foods that I used to eat, but when it doubt, simple is best.

I'll definitely be incorporating a lot of what I've learned the past few weeks from the paleo folks, but for now, I'll be taking a nut and fat breather.

Thanks for stopping by at this Is a Vegetarian Diet healthier page! I also hope you enjoyed the inspiring article by Samantha. I know I will be making some nut milk this week!

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