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Giving up our old ways for a while to follow a detox plan can help us:

  1. cleanse the body
  2. lose stubborn weight
  3. calm down inflammation
  4. get rid of mucous and bacteria
  5. give the digestive system a rest

And longer cleanses to the point that they almost become a lifestyle, can heal serious health issues and get rid of persistent viruses.

Detox diet plans - there are many different kinds.

Some are shorter, some are longer, some focus on clean food and some only on liquids.

Depending on how they are designed and what they include, they all help in different ways. But you know what, all of them are beneficial - you just need to follow the plan and the body does the rest!

Choosing Between the Different Detox Diet Plans

Think about the following questions to help you choose:

          How is your situation now?        

Health         Weight         Lifestyle

 What to think about before starting: 

- Your goals and what your body needs

- Possible obstacles

- Long term changes that have to be made

 How long and what kind of cleanse? 

1 Week Detox Diet Plan

21 Day Detox Diet

30 Day Juice Fasting

7 Day Colon Cleanse

A Full Body Detox Program

(Full Body Detox = a cleanse that requires focus and commitment and takes as long as it needs to take)

        When You are Done Detoxing        

- Share your results and your experience

- Join NutriDivas' Insider Club for continued support

- Enjoy your new me!

But which one is the BEST detox diet? I help you with that here.

While writing this, I am actually on a detox myself, a longer one that helps cleaning the whole body and highlights anything that needs to be healed, one thing after another.

I've had neck pain, headache, pain in my feet and hands, but all of that is gone now. I've also had burning pain in one of my fingers close to the fingernail where I once had an infection and 'healed' it with antibiotics. My recent symptoms have been diarrhea because I'm taking special herbs that clean the gut walls and the colon so well that everything is coming out quickly at the moment including things I never knew I had in there. Other than that I'm fine and have come over the cravings stage, this time it took more than a week to come to peace with not being able to have any solid food, probably because I was in a weaker mental state when starting, but that stress is over now. 

The one I'm on right now is one of the more extreme kinds with mono-fruit fasting combined with detox herbs and possibly a little dry fasting thrown in there. But I still feel satisfied and I get to eat my favorite food: melon!

Me in a sea of local melons!

I can put one of these detox diets together for you if you let me know your details and what you want to get out of this.

You could get a mini-consultation without any cost, but if you want me to put a whole detox protocol together for you, I will need to charge a little for my time.

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Also, after a detox, it's great to have a healthy eating diet plan to follow, so you won't suddenly find yourself in the same situation again as before you started.

diet program (Body Detox Program - Online Detox Center)

Sometimes it can be good to do a whole program that's a little longer, with lot's of health and detox information that you can apply to your daily life. 

I've also got a healthy eating diet plan here on this site, focused on helping you to eat healthy and live healthy after your cleanse is over.

Some good healthy eating advice to follow before doing a cleanse,

But also coffee, black tea and dairy.

My yoga teacher says that the best way of eating for women (for most women anyway) would be eating a plant based / vegetarian diet. Without too many dairy products. Cow's milk is full of hormones from the cow mama and maybe not the best for us women who are trying to keep our own hormones in check.

Some foods she mentioned that should be really good for all of us are for example all vegetables because they are so rich in minerals, all berries and fruits because of the antioxidants (she especially mentioned mangoes, blueberries and red grapes).

Ginger is supposed to be really good for us, helping to prevent headache for example.

Cranberries are also amazing for many things, for example preventing urinary tract infections. My freezer is full of them :)

I always react fast to any little sign of a urinary tract infection, because I've been prone to them all my life. Usually it's at the beginning of my period that I'm most at risk.

(Another article you might enjoy: Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan)

That's why I include this drink in one of my own healthy detox diet plans, that I occasionally make for myself:

Healthy Cranberry Lemonade

This is a recipe I came up with a while ago. It tastes a bit like ginger lemonade and it works amazingly well in preventing both urinary tract infections and colds.

This is what you'll need:

The juice of 1 lemon

 1" fresh ginger (2,5 cm)

2 cups water (4,5 dl)

1/2 cup cranberries, frozen or fresh (1 dl)

1 tablespoon organic honey

If you don't want to use honey, you could throw in a few apple pieces or white grapes instead.

Just put everything in your blender and in 30 seconds it's done.

I made a little experiment when I made this today and put in a little bit of green kale, because I wanted to see if it would change the taste, but it didn't! An even better idea would be to add some baby spinach if you wanted to add something green, because they have such a mild taste no one will notice.

As you can see here, I wasn't the only one who wanted some of this lemonade!

Love, Antonia


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