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So you need some detox help? That's what I'm here for. And I'm also so happy you are here!

I'm giving you a complimentary mini detox consultation, as a gift for being the wonderful person that you are. I also hope your don't mind I send you other small electronic gifts to your email from time to time. I know you will like them because they will all have something to do with cleansing that precious body of yours.

Because you are here, I am sure you have already signed up to get this mini consultation from me - if not, you can sign up here


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  1. My own detox diet has started

    May 16, 18 05:57 AM

    I'm on a detox diet myself now. This morning I had freshly pressed orange juice and later a smoothie made of 2 apples and some water. I'm going to have a lot of hebs and herbal teas today and more fru…

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  2. Changes

    May 13, 18 06:32 PM

    It is interesting to seee how people are so different when they arrive vs when they leave from the detox center where I work. They are all so much calmer with clear eyes and most of them are in a good…

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  3. Chemicals

    May 02, 18 04:42 PM

    The cleaner just came into my office and started washing all the windows. He was spraying a blue liquid on them. He is done now but it is still smelling really strongly from it. I even had to go outsi…

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