Diet for Healthy Hair

Looking for a diet for healthy hair?

Here I reveal my hair secrets - how to get healthy hair by eating the right foods and taking the right supplements.

And if you are interested in natural home made hair care, I'm the right person for that!

It's been more than a year now that I don't use any hair products anymore.

No shampoo, no conditioner.

Hard to believe? Well, it's true. I use some home made stuff instead.

I also believe that a lot of hair problems like a greasy scalp, graying of the hair and going bald has to do with all the hair care products we use nowadays.

Why? Because the scalp's acid balance gets destroyed when we use commercial products with harsh ingredients.

Foods for Healthy Hair

A Diet for Healthy Hair

Here is a list of foods I recommend you start consuming regularly if you want healthy hair:

- Spinach and other green leafy veggies and also cilantro is great for making your hair happy

- Nuts for extra copper (some examples would be walnuts, almonds, hazel nuts...)

- Seeds (all seeds are good, but to name a few I would say pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed, hemp seeds)

- Avocado

- Organic hemp seed powder

- Different types of seaweed (the hair loves this one, because of all the minerals)

And of course healthy eating in general also contributes to beautiful hair.

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What about if you've got greasy hair?

If you suffer from greasy hair, avoiding sugar and hormone erupting chemicals found on non-organic fruits and vegetables.

And in addition to the foods above (avocado, seeds, seaweed...), eating more of these hormone balancing foods would be a good idea:

- Beet root

- Cruciferous vegetables, like for example broccoli

- Lentils

Herbal teas that include dandelion and milk thistle are great too!

Healthy Hair Vitamins

A diet for healthy hair would include some supplements, unless you eat a lot of fruits and greens and don't have much stress in your life.

The scalp needs vitamins and minerals for it's hair follicles. When we don't take enough time to rest and slow down each day - the hair, like many other parts of the body, suffers - because stress robs the body of vital nutrients. Like smoking does.

So one group of vitamins that would be very good to supplement with would be the vitamin B group.

Also extra chlorophyll would be a great idea. You can find it in the green powders you find in most health food stores.

Natural and Healthy Hair Care

So what do I use instead of conventional hair care products?

I use baking soda mixed with water. And not every time I shower, but about once a week.

The rest of the times I just "wash" with hot water and it works great.

In the beginning it didn't work that well though, because the hair needs to get used to something new. 

The first weeks it will be oily and feel dirty but if you just have patience you will get beautiful healthy hair that doesn't need to be washed the regular way.

And you know what?

One time I have even used a little diluted beer to rinse my hair!

Why beer?

Because my friend had seen a natural hair care line with beer in them so she put some beer in a spray bottle and sprayed her hair.

She said this made it so shiny that her mom asked her what she had done to it.

She recommended it to me and I liked it! The only problem is that I don't keep beer in the house and would not feel comfortable buying some regularly. So I only did that when I was at my parents house during Christmas, then I asked to have some and to put some in my hair when still wet after the shower.

If you are not so into making your own hair products, you can buy organic ones. They've got really nice ones out there, like the ones from Weleda or Lavera or if you would want to be even more Eco-friendly - look for a local organic brand.

Do you have any hair tips or tricks you would like to share?


A Diet for Healthy Hair - Hair Loss

Losing hair is normal from time to time, and it is also a normal part of the aging process. But when you lose too much hair at once, it could be a sign that something else is wrong - you might for example be suffering from a vitamin deficiency.

Beyond a Diet for Healthy Hair

Here is a question I got: "Hi Antonia, I read your Diet for Healthy Hair article. I have a question regarding baking soda. Do you just use Arm and Hammer? What about the tangles? I suffer from psoriasis on my scalp. I am super healthy. No ailments except my sports injuries when they happen. The derm doc has me using coal tar but your baking soda makes me wonder".

My answer:

You could try baking soda to see if it fits your hair and your scalp.

Sorry about the psoriasis...

I use just a regular brand, but I know that some people who like to get their baking soda from organic health food stores.

I have straight hair that doesn't tangle easily, but I read that rinsing with apple cider vinegar helps prevent tangles.

To the right there is another de-tangling tip for you.

There is also this brush I got from my friend as a gift. It's called "Tangle Teezer" and it's amazing. I use it on my son's super curly hair. Maybe you can find it somewhere, it's def worth it.



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