Healthy Body Detox

How would a healthy body detox sound? It can be very refreshing to clean the body from the inside.

This is something quite interesting I want to clear up. You know when you go on a diet to clean your body? It always works. But a regular diet? Not always unfortunately. 


Because what we would really need to do is find something that fits us and our lifestyle - and something we enjoy and can feel proud of.

It doesn't really matter whether that is vegetarianism, going vegan, eating raw or whatever other healthy diet it is - as long as you feel good doing it.

But make it something that will last, a lifestyle and way of cooking that can keep your interest for a longer period of time - preferably forever.

Not everyone is interested in healthy eating, and some people still don't see that there is a connection between food and health!

For example a client I had when I was working for the city in collaboration with child services.

This woman, who is a stage 4 cancer patient, has stacks of soda in her home. I really hope she wasn't the one drinking them.

I've also seen mental illness patients drink one soda after another...

By the way, when you feel good after having gone on a detox diet or made some other changes, try to make sure you don't expect everyone to be excited for you...

Because some people still today think that "this nutrition stuff" is just a bunch of nonsense :(

How do we know what way of eating is best for us?

It's not something that's normally taught in schools.

Not even in medical school! Yet it's such an important subject.

Is it the carbs that we should avoid? Well, it's not that simple. So some carbs are good for us. But most of us will feel better on a diet without too much bread and especially leaving out most of the sugar.

But do remember that vegetables, fruits and rice are carbohydrates too. Until this day I've never heard of anyone who has gotten diabetes by eating too many vegetables :)

Looking at the graph,

we can see that most people think they are eating kind of ok -

but are they really?

What is healthy food?

Do people know?

At my nutrition school they told us in one of the lectures that we've got more diabetes and cardiovascular disease in this world at this point in time than ever before...

The survey was made a couple of years ago, but it still holds true today.

The link between these diseases and our diet has been proven.

So why aren't we doing something about it?

What's up with the way we eat?

I guess just general confusion!

Very few people the time to listen to their own body.

But all that is hopefully changing.

I feel people are becoming more aware...

But the graph here still shows us that we still get most of our calories from grain products.

Flour, bread,

buns, pasta,

pizza, couscous...

- Healthy Eating Diets -

The solution?

To give your body food it will love.

All of you who come to this website have different reasons for wanting to start eating a healthy diet.

Some of you want to do it for a healthy heart, some want to lose weight, some have a health concern that needs healing and others are pregnant and want the best nutrition possible for the baby.

Something that could be good to consider is a healthy eating diet plan that is targeted to exactly what you want to achieve with your diet. A plan like that can be made together with a professional or you could also do some research and put one together by yourself.


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