Healthy Diet for Diabetes

What would a healthy diet for diabetes look like? Is there a connection between diabetes, diet, nutrition and lifestyle?


I had a flat mate in New York named Sam. He was obese.

Kentucky Fried Chicken was his favorite place to order take out from. He also liked Chinese fast food.

You might wonder why I am writing about him. You will see soon...

Sam slept all day and got up in the late afternoon, took a shower and ordered food. After that he was off to work. He worked as a night guard at a dorm on the upper west side.

One day he went to the doctor because of back pain and some other minor health issues.

When he came home he told me the doctor had said that he needs to start eating better and that he is a per-diabetic. If he won't change his ways, things could become very bad!

The doc had said that Sam needs to start to eat more fresh food and whole grain products like brown rice. Plus cut down on meat.

He also told him to start to walk to work instead of taking the subway (or most often a cab).

The next morning when Sam came home, he had with him a bag of brown rice and some whole meal bread. But, I only saw him make rice at home once.

Some weeks later I moved out of the apartment and after one year I got a call from him.

He said his life is totally messed up now and he is broke because of hospital bills. He had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had to spend many days in the hospital which resulted in huge bills.

I guess the doctor he visited could see it coming and tried warn him. But Sam didn't take it serious enough.

If you are per-diabetic or someone you know is, please let them know that it is vital to change their eating habits immediately.

A Healthy Diet for Diabetes and Pre Diabetes

And don't forget to buy some nuts too!

I would also recommend a vegan live-in-program.

In the US there is for example the Hippocrates health center.

But I know it can cost quite a bit.

So if it is too expensive for you and too far away from you, just learn how to make healthy food at home.

PS: I no longer have contact with Sam. I hope he is well and I'm wishing him all the best!



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