Healthy Diet for Seniors

How does a healthy diet for seniors look like? Do you have ageing parents? Or are you looking for information on how you can change your own diet for the better as you age? I have some elderly nutrition information for you!

elderly nutrition

Here is a picture of my son and my 93 year old gramdmother, after a mushroom picking trip.

As you probably know,

people of all ages need to eat well.

Every day.

Even when you are 93 :)

But I know that sometimes elderly people are used to one way of eating and have difficulties seeing themselves having it any other way.

But changing your diet is good for everyone – at any age.

Healthy Diet for Seniors

As you get older your thirst reflex is not as strong as before. So an important thing to think about when it comes to elderly nutrition is...

Vitamin and mineral absorption can be a problem that comes with age. The ability to chew your food too. And maybe not surprisingly, they go hand in hand.

There is one good solution...

Use a blender!

OK, I know it might be hard to teach your elderly parents, grandparents or great grandmother to use one, but do try!

A kitchen tool like that is very useful. You can make blended salads and raw vegetable soups that will be so healthy!

Soups are really good for seniors!

Here is a picture of a blended soup I made today.

I know it looks really green, but that is what's so good about it!

The ingredients are:

- lots of fresh spinach or fresh baby spinach (2/3 of a big bag)

- About 1 dl tomato sauce (alternatively use two large fresh tomatoes)

- some water, about 4 tablespoons should be fine

- 1/2 garlic clove

- 1 bunch fresh thyme - a very anti-aging herb!

- 1 organic red bell pepper

Blend all the ingredients until the soup looks like on the picture :)

The vitamins and minerals in blended veggies and fruits are very easy for the body to absorb. Especially in the morning it would be great if you could have some blended fruits!

Nuts and seeds are important to eat too. They contain many valuable minerals that you might not find in other food as easily.

If you have problems chewing your nuts, you could also add them to the soups you make in the blender.

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Practical Healthy Diet for Seniors Tips:

- You could change your table sugar at home to honey
- Start experimenting with healthy home made desserts instead of muffins, doughnuts etc.
- And regarding alcohol... well, apart from being dehydrating, it is also very aging, so it's up to you, but I would skip it.

An underlying cause of many diseases that come with age is a chronically stressful life.

Inflammation is also one of the causes of for example Alzheimer's Disease (that is a preventable disease by the way). So is the stress hormone cortisol.

A lifestyle change is a good thing at any age. 

Following my tips on healthy diet for seniors will help to protect you against many age related issues. Wish you all the best! Please leave a comment if you liked this page! :)



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