A Healthy Diet Plan for Women

Looking for a healthy diet plan for women?

Diet Plan

It is important to get one that is especially made for women, because women have different dietary and caloric needs than men.

We also need to think about balancing our hormones more than men do. I especially have this issue and have had some not so pleasant symptoms as a result. Now I have learned how to eat to make it better.

I've got three options for you:

1. You can get a meal plan suggestion / healthy diet plan for women by letting me know you want one. I will then send you a bill through PayPal. After that you will get your plan. It will cost you $19.90.

2. If you are interested in something that will be made just for you (personalized), go ahead and tell me about you, what you like to eat and don't like plus what you are looking to achieve etc. Also mention any health problems you have or have had recently. This costs $67.

A healthy diet plan for women coupled with coaching:

3. You can also sign up for coaching with me. It’s $195 per month and a healthy eating plan is included. We will meet on Skype and have email contact for 3 months, or until you have gotten the hang of eating in a way that is good for you - or when you have lost enough weight for you to continue on your own (if slimming down is something you wanted to do).

Let me know which one you choose!

Q: "Hi! I would like to get a healthy diet plan for women done for me. But I was wondering a few things first. I've noticed I feel more out of breath now than before, when walking up the hill to my house. I guess it could be that I have gained a little too much over the holidays?

So I was thinking about doing some weight loss program, but I'm not sure yet. I've got three school aged kids at home and I've got my job, so there isn't much time to focus on myself really.

I have also never understood the concept of someone's ideal weight. And how do I know mine?"

A: Hey, thanks for asking! I think we all can relate to what you are talking about! Most of us are so busy that it's hard to find time to do thing just for us. And that is what a weight loss program would require you to do. Your health is a priority though, and I am sure your children would agree on that - after all they want to have you around as long as possible!

A healthy diet plan for women, the one that I can send you, would of course be a good start. There you could see what you should eat and what you shouldn't be eating.

And when you feel ready, you could sign up for the online diet program that I have on this site.

It's effective, so you won't be wasting time. Plus you will have fun in the process, I promise.

Many women are at their ideal weight in their early twenties, but it really depends.

Some people have been overweight since they were little, so that means their ideal weight is going to be much different than from someone who has always been skinny.

Knowing your BMI is a good way to find out if you need to be doing something about your weight.


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