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Eating a healthy diet and weight loss nowadays seems to have lost it's simplicity. You would think that with all of our latest technology, research, studies and information we could figure this one out.

Many of us are confused and pulled into so many directions. There are hundreds of healthy diets, books, articles and dieting theories. Do this, eat this, try that, don't eat this, do cardio, don't do cardio, lift weights... it just makes you want to scream!

I'm not here to tell you what to eat, how to work out or which "diet" to go on. For someone who has struggled with weight for over twenty years, I have tried it all, seen it all and have experienced it all.

We are part of a culture that's fixated on a quick fix, what's the latest trend that produces the fastest results.

I have taken the best supplements, hired the best personal trainers and even sought out holistic doctors.

I was suffering from pcos (a hormonal disorder), migraines, mood swings, I was pre-diabetic, and had insomnia. Some may think that would be enough to make me want to change.

My wake up call came when I least expected it.

With all of the support and resources at my fingertips there was something missing, and that was me.

I worked so hard finding the best, the newest healthy weight loss diet plan but I never once asked myself the real question.

Do I really want to do this and am I willing to change?

There is that little voice in all of us that helps us make the right or wrong decisions. My little voice never truly wanted to change and never believed I could do it.

Most of us don't want to accept it or are fearful. We are addicted to foods and just can't imagine our life without them. Food becomes our friend and our comfort.

I realized that I had the answers all along and I am the missing piece. I wanted to look different and lose weight but I was not willing to change and I did not believe I could.

Until I had enough of the pain, the guilt, the unhappiness, it did not matter which diet I was on I would always come back to the same place.

Today I thank my friend for being so persistent to take that picture by the pool because I was able to really face myself.

From there I decided to take control of my life.

I was serious about making a change and started a movement with my friend Vana called PROJECT: I Want 2 Live. We started a video blog on YouTube to post my progress and things that we learned.

Healthy Diet - Weight Loss

We decided to be raw and I had to put myself on the line and be transparent with how I felt, what I was doing, everything. 

I knew that if we started this project and I put it out to the world that I was going to lose 100lbs, I had to keep that integrity and try as hard as I could to continue.

After starting this journey and seeing the progress and changes, Vana and I both realized that there are so many people in the world today that need help, that need to change, but just don't know how. People that feel alone, ashamed and lost.

Today I am a little past the half way point...

and still going.

This is a life changing experience.

And I am proud to say that I am a completely different person than I was last year.

This journey means so much to me.

I know in my heart that it is possible for anyone to make a change in their life,

because it happened to me.


A Healthy Mindset - A Healthy Diet - Weight Loss

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