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If you follow the healthy living advice you see on the picture you'll be sure that your lifestyle will be improved and you'll even live longer! 

It's notes from a very interesting talk I listened to.

I have decided to sit less and as a matter of fact, after I'm done writing this, I will get up and stretch.

When talking about a long happy life, in a way I think that having your own small business is a good idea. That way you can do exactly what you want to do for a living, and no need to do much else!

Another thing I've noticed is that cooking for friends regularly makes life feel a tiny bit more meaningful.

The other day we had my best friend and her kids over and it was so much fun. I thought to myself, why not invite someone over every week? Making healthy food is what I love to do anyway, so why not make it for others and share some fun moments at the same time :)

It's great to cook together with friends and family, and it makes following a healthy diet easier. We also live longer when we laugh and spend time with people that we love :)

I know that sometimes it might feel like there is just a bit too much healthy living advice out there...

And of course it's important to know what's good and what's not, but I guess at least some of us feel like we can't possibly do it all. Here is something inspiring:

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On top of all the things we feel we should do to lead healthy lives, we also need to care about about our family.

And it doesn't even stop there! We also need to think about the people who make the products we buy - the people who work for the companies and brands that we support by buying their stuff.

And this, my friend, is the topic of sustainability. Something Maria will talk about below.


Sustainability At Your Door

Sustainability: we hear this term more and more lately, but what are we referring to? Our health? The health of the planet? Our children's health?

I am sure all of us feel inclined to live sustainably even if we have disparate views about the how to.

Wouldn't it be nice if somebody would advise us on what to eat so our eating habits and our wishes for a better tomorrow were aligned?

The fact remains that the food system is diverse, complex, and far reaching and even if social responsibility has been on the radar of the food industry for decades, the labels and what they mean are confusing to say the least. 

For example, what is the meaning of free-range chicken, and what does the label "all natural" really mean?

Even if labels were clear, whether or not grass-fed is better for mother earth would still be debated. My intuition tells me it is, but deciding what is best for mother earth requires real science, such as measuring how much nitrogen ends up in the water.  

Some decisions are even more complex such as how do you decide what cereal brand stands up for workers' conditions, what tomato packer provides health care to its pickers?

Sure there are some labels (organic, grass-fed, or fair-trade), but can someone please tell me what's best?

Is your local farmer growing food in a manner that prevents runoff of contaminants into your favorite bay?

Yes, knowing who picks my tomatoes is important but who has the time for that kind of investigative endeavor? 

Most people are too busy worrying about their kids' education, maintaining their job, or caring for a sick family member to take the time to investigate. 

You want the best for your loved ones and for mother earth but it's hard to be savvy about everything!

So here is where I have good news because although we cannot know the meaning of all the labels or visit all the farms we buy from or follow all the healthy living advice out there, there is still something we can do right away.

It is so easy and it will save you money! 

Here we go……in one step:

Plan your meals before you go to the supermarket so that food is not wasted.

Food waste in the US constitutes about a third of all the food that is available for consumption. What???

And there is more...

Most of this waste happens not at the supply chain, not at the farm, but at the consumer level, at the exact place where you and I can make a difference.

Buy what you will eat, don't let it go to waste, and the planet will thank you for it.

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