Healthy Living Guide

Are you looking for a healthy living guide? Here are some things to take into consideration:

Have you lately been thinking about slowing down a bit? Focusing more on you and on things that matter?

Do you remember the last time you went on a vacation and how you felt? Rested, excited, happy... Imagine if you could feel like that all the time!

That way you will be an even greater inspiration to others than you already are now.

Healthy Living Guide - 4 Important Steps

I think in a way this whole website acts as a healthy living guide. Here we discuss wellness and health and detox diet topics and hopefully you can get some ideas on what to do next to live the healthiest life possible.

Here are also few tips that can be useful when wanting to live an amazing life!

1. Work Less

Something that many elderly people say they regret is having worked too much.

And not having spent enough time with their kids and the rest of the family.

At the time, they were just too "busy", not only with work but with everything else too. If they could change something about the past, that is what they would change.

So, make sure you don't end up feeling the same way when you are old.

( By the way, here is an article I just wrote that touches on this subject: Healthy Diet for Seniors )

2. Find New Friends

Something that has been proven to make you feel better is to surround yourself with happy, non judgmental people. And of course, strive to be one yourself too.

I know, friends like that are not always that easy to find, but when you do, make sure you take care of your friendship to keep them in your life.

When I joined the nutrition school where I studied, I suddenly found myself in a community full of amazing like minded interesting people.

Maybe you could find a group somewhere online, where you find a lot of positive people.

You are of course welcome to join us at

There you could post something about yourself and we would love to support you in anything you would like help with.

But also, even though your old friends and family members don't seem to be helping you to get where you want, it's still important not to block them from your life, that won't make you happier... be forgiving and understanding instead. And never take anyone for granted.

Happiness Diet Healthy Living Information

3. Spend Less Time in front of a Screen

Spending less time on Facebook and watching less TV would be helpful.

Instead you could use that time to do things you feel you never have "time" for before!

Maybe you could start reading a really good book?

Or how about going out into a park or a forest to run? Or just taking time to do something as easy but refreshing like jumping some rope every day?

Yes, exercise is good for us.

Most doctors who had talks for us during my time at the nutrition and healthy diet program, said that thirty minutes a day is what we all should aim for. Some say that less is totally fine too. I often just do 10 minutes and feel great.

4. Take Care of Your Gut

You know what? Without health we have nothing.

Did you know that if the gut is healthy most often the rest of the body is too.

So taking care of your gut is important.

How do we do that? By making sure we eat foods with good bacterias in it.

You can make your own "sauerkraut" for example - fermented kale. It's FULL of good bacterias that your colon and your whole gut will love!

Another video you might like >

There is no need for you to do exactly what the woman in the video does every morning. It's hard, I've tried. Just do something similar. Breathe deeply and on the inhale you expand your stomach and on the exhale you pull it in :)

By the way, you find even more healthy living advice on another page here on this site.

Something else worth mentioning is that making plans regularly is a good habit. Otherwise time just flies by... and you might realize one day that things haven't really turned out the way you wanted.

If there is something you can think of right now, I invite you to share it with me and the other visitors that come to - you can do that here. It can have something to do with your family, your job, your business, your studies, sticking to a healthy diet - or anything really!

Hope you liked this healthy living guide page :) Here is an article on natural healthy skin care you might like.


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