Healthy Weight Gain Diet

A healthy weight gain diet? It is a less common challenge to want to gain weight than to lose it. But I've seen that there are quite a few of you who are interested in this.

Especially people who already eat really well, or people who are on different diets where you lose weight whether you like it or not, like the raw food diet for example.

But some skinny people don't eat enough. They feel they don't have time to plan and prepare their meals so they often don't eat enough calories per day.

Other people eat a lot but still never gain any weight!

If you are one of those people who never gain, maybe it's in your family? Are both of your parents skinny? Or maybe just one of them, and that's the one you happen to look like? :)

I remember when I was a child and at around eight years old, me and my sister one day said we didn't want to be skinny anymore so we took cream out of the fridge, poured it into glasses and started drinking. It didn't taste very good, I must say that.

A healthy weight gain diet...

This is the question I got:

Out of all the healthy diets, can you let me know about a diet for healthy weight gain?

Well, I haven't seen a program for gaining weight, but let's figure this one out together.

Shouldn't be too hard with a little common sense :)

Let's for example look at all the different healthy foods to gain weight and go from there!

Healthy Weight Gain Diet  - What To Eat

2. Avocados
Avocados are good too! A person who is weight conscious shouldn't eat more than one half avocado a day, but if you actually want to gain wright, eat two or three a day! Purely health fats!

3. Coconut oil
You know that raw coconut oil you find in the health food store? It's white and think when it's stored in a cool place and a clear liquid when kept in a warm room. You can eat this oil raw. Add some of it to every plate of food you have.

A healthy weight gain diet would include all of those foods and food groups :)

Here is a salad with avocado for you:


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