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This morning I got an email that said:

"I have been on a high blood pressure medication for a few years and would like to replace it with a healthy diet, exercise or whatever it takes.

Any suggestions?"

Yes, you bet I do!

I love this subject :)


Make sure your breathing is deep and not shallow.

It takes a little practice, but try to remember to correct your breathing as often as possible throughout the day.

If your breathing is shallow it means that the heart isn't engaged in your breath and the circulation in your body is slower than it should be and this leads to all sorts of complications, including high blood pressure.

Blood pressure can be lowered by changing to a super healthy diet coupled with a slower pace of life.


Whole foods. Fruits and vegetables. And make sure you avoid white flour products and sugar.

Spinach is known to lower blood pressure naturally!

You should also have beetroot (or it's juice) every day.

And have a few walnuts every morning. They are a good source of omega-3 fats, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and B vitamins!

When you have the energy, make fruit salads and vegetable dishes, but when you don't have the time or energy, just eat them raw.

That's what I do some days. I just open the fridge, take a large piece of kale (cabbage) and start chewing. And some of carrots. Or I eat a couple of handfuls of spinach and a whole bell pepper.

And I have an apple or two. It's easy and good for the days when there is no time to make fancy meals.


Doing all kinds of sport will strengthen your heart and help with your blood circulation.

But too much is not good, because like stress, too much training will deplete your body of magnesium.

And magnesium is so important!

If we don't have enough of it in our system, we are at higher risk of having a heart attack.

Something else to think about, is to be careful with your salt intake.

Processed food contains a lot of it. And that kind of food is often deficient in vital nutrients that the arteries need. Like folic acid and the B vitamins for example.

Another thing I would do, if I would be you, is not eating so many animal products. It gives your heart a break when you don't eat so much saturated fat that naturally occurs in cheese, meat etc.

Trans fats are also terrible for you, so don't buy anything where it says "partially hydrogenated oil" on the label.

But sardines seem to be a good choice for lowering blood pressure, even though it is an animal product, because they are high in potassium, omega 3, B12, vitamin E and iron!

Potassium (as well as magnesium) is a very important mineral for you, because it helps to regulate and lower blood pressure.

Someone else asked me for a high blood pressure diet plan. I'm pretty sure you could get one from our fitness expert Kim, the person who has the personalized diet plan offering you can see the the right.

When you fill out the form for her with your details, be sure to mention that you have high blood pressure and that you would like to lower it naturally.

High Blood Pressure Healthy Eating:
Foods for a Healthy Blood Pressure

Maybe I should have put hawthorn under supplements,

and in fact it is one when taken in a tablet or powdered form.

But you can also buy the frozen berries if your health food store happens to have some. And it also comes as a tea!

Caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes can all make your blood pressure higher, so avoid all of that.

High Blood Pressure Healthy Eating:


I would get a good Omega 3 microalgae supplement.

For example the same one I suggest on the healthy skin page.

And possibly a good multivitamin and a magnesium, B6, B12 and natural vitamin E supplement.

I would be careful with potassium tablets, instead focus on potassium rich foods. It's hard to get too much potassium from food alone, but if you also take a supplement you could possibly get an overdose.

Lastly I just want to say that you should tell your doctor you are doing all these changes, she can help you slowly lower your medication.

Thanks for the question and if any other reader has something to ask, just go ahead! I'm always happy to help!


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