The Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

What are the keys to a healthy lifestyle? Strictly following a healthy diet? Not smoking? Knowing your life's purpose? Finding your soul mate? Having a family? Eating super foods regularly?

We've talked a lot about how to live healthy and about how to transition to a healthy diet here on and I hope you have enjoyed the discussion.

Here our NutriDiva Rupa will let you know here what she thinks are the keys to a healthy lifestyle and what a balanced lifestyle should really be all about.

- This beautiful picture was taken at Black Sand Beaches, Hana, Hawaii in Dec 2013 -

I remember Dr. Wayne Dyer saying:

...and here is my bit of experience with DOING vs. BEING.

Our day begins in a rush and ends in a rush.

There is just so much to do all day long with respect to house, family, career, finances, kids, personal growth and much more.

Just staying afloat in this world has become a struggle, and as if we did not have enough we are now a part of World Wide Web.

Our need to know has increased multiple folds in the last decade.

We need to know everything about the world, about our neighbors, about our family and even friends we haven't met in ages. 

We feel the need to stay connected through our Phones, Pads, Pods, Laptops, TVs etc. 

While we are out for dinner with a few friends we have to make sure every other person in our social media circle knows where we are.

While we are talking to one person, the other hundred is who we feel the need to stay connected to. 

I am not against being a part of the social media or staying in touch with people I care about,  but what I am trying to point out is that while we feel we are more connected to everyone we have lost that connection with self. 

With all that we keep doing, today our brains are so much more over worked, our minds are constantly analyzing information, and our hearts are overburdened and they are all craving for just one thing. Our complete and undivided attention. 

You must have heard about how important it is to feed the right nutritious food to our bodies. How important it is to be well nourished and we can do that by eating what's right for us. 

However do you know how mal-nourished your soul might just be? Have you reflected on how much you are missing out on those nourishing moments of silence?

We manage to remember to feed our bodies but not our souls.

Feed my soul? What is that?

Well let's sit up straight and do this simple exercise.

Breathe In! Breathe Out! Take a deep breath in and Out again! That might sound like I am walking you through a meditation. But if meditation was just about breathing then aren't we already doing that 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year? The point is, are you even aware of your breath?

Meditation in essence is becoming aware of your breath. While I am not really going to discuss about meditation here, what I am trying to convey today is to leave you with some questions and see if you can relate to them and maybe try them in your life. So that you can become calmer, more focused and relaxed

How about becoming less stressful and adding in some peace with oneself too? How about doing this so you can feed your soul and just BE. So that the soul feels nourished and taken care of.

Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle - Questions for You

Let's see if you can ponder over these questions:

When was the last time you were sitting in a peaceful place, present in the moment just with yourself?

When was the last time you went for a walk just because you needed to slow down?

When was the last time you hugged a tree trunk and remembered your childhood?

When was the last time you listened to your Inner Voice? Gut feeling?

When was the last time your mind felt calm and without lots of chatter?

When was the last time you were sitting and was accompanied by YOURSELF?

When was the last time you checked in with yourself as to how you were doing?

When was the last time while eating dinner you lit a candle and only enjoyed the food?

When was the last time you shut all the gadgets off just so you can sit in dark and enjoy the bright moon? Or even notice the stars?

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The words on this page really made me think - especially the Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle questions...

I think I need to start to do many of the things mentioned here... a first step could be to start taking a nice long walk every day.

What do you think? You can add your comments at the end of the next page.


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