Natural Healthy Skin Care

Looking for natural healthy skin care? Some people like to make their own at home, others buy organic creams, lotions and natural make-up. Products like that can be quite expensive at times, but of course it pays off to buy some once in a while. I often buy an almond oil based facial lotion that is so good for my skin. There is no alcohol in it and it really makes my skin super soft.

When I was studying, I learned that our skin often reflects how healthy we are. If you are tired it will show in your face, and if you haven't been eating very well for some time, your skin will be dull and lifeless.

To nurture your skin from the inside, make sure you eat well and especially a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water.

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For natural healthy skin care, try some of these ideas:

•    Make your own deep cleansing facial!

The papaya contains enzymes that help your skin to get rid of dead cells.
Take a papaya, cut it in half and use a fork to make a paste out of it one of the halves. Eat the other half if you like. Put the paste on your face and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with water.

•    Make your own hydrating avocado mask!
Use a very ripe avocado, cut it in half and mash one of the avocado halves into a paste, apply it on your face. Keep it on for about 10 minutes and rinse with water. Your skin will feel softer than ever.
The hydrating avocado mask is a skin routine I could not live without.

During the winter months in Finland I usually have dry skin on my nose and cheeks because of the cold. I then smear honey on my whole face in the morning and keep it there for 10 minutes or so.
After rinsing my face with warm water my skin then feels really soft - and healthy. But later on in the day the dry skin is back. This is because the very dry indoor air... plus the cold air outside... :(

•    Natural skincare with coconut oil!
Personally I have found coconut butter to be a good body lotion. You can get a jar of coconut butter in any health food store. Try it out, it smells and feels so good on your skin. For your face, try argan oil.

•    Add some honey on dry lips before going to sleep. In the morning your lips won't be dry anymore.

Natural Shampoo

Something you have in your kitchen can be used as shampoo, can you guess what it is? I have written about that on this page :)

More natural healthy skin care:
Make Your Own Sun Screen

Shea butter has a reputation of being able to block some of the harmful rays of the sun. Mix it with some coconut oil by heating up both oils and mixing them together. Try it out one day before hitting the beach. It only has a quite low SPF, but in my opinion it is a much healthier natural skincare alternative than regular sun lotions loaded with chemicals! You can also try Raspberry Seed oil, it has a higher SPF and almond oil is great too.

If you are very pale and go to the beach.. well, then you might need a regular sun screen anyway. Or make sure stay in the shade and have a lot of colorful fruits and berries, they help protect your skin from the inside.


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