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What weight loss detox programs would I recommend? Or some healthy diets to lose weight?

Well, there are a lot of good diets out there, but also many that aren't. Heard about the grapefruit diet? Doesn't sound like something you could do many years in a row...

The thing is, you need to make sure that the one you choose is full of amazing meals that are interesting and fun to make so that it doesn't get boring!

I remember one diet were everything was allowed but fats and oils. Even sugar was OK! Can you imagine... :)

I also remember a pineapple diet I tried as a teenager. It was supposed to make you beautiful. Gosh, those were mad days!

Back then it was all about looks, but looking good is not the only reason you want to find a diet that works, right?

I mean, of course it is important that we look and feel beautiful, but we also need to love ourselves the way we are, no matter what the scale says... don't you think?

But since you are here, I know that you are looking for one of the healthy diets to lose weight, so that is very smart of you!

It's the best way to go - losing weight naturally by making healthy choices! It's definitely possible. Does it sound easy enough?

Being overweight can be dangerous. It's no joke.

Have you seen those shows on TV where they make two people switch their diets? One skinny one and one who is overweight. There they always talk about the terrible health consequences of eating too much..

At times it can feel scary to watch those shows.

But it can also be an important wake up call too.

In the last episode one obese guy was given only five more years to live if he kept his current eating habits...

From what I've understood, belly fat is the most problematic. A medical doctor who had a lecture for us, said it strips years from your life... That's not very good news, is it?

So, what can we do about all of this?

We could find a good way of eating that works very well and is not too complicated!

Healthy Diets to Lose Weight

Let's see... There is the nutri system weight loss program that I've heard about, but I don't personally know anyone who has tried it... But how about...

Raw Food?

What I do know works is the raw food diet, maybe you could do it for at least sometime to check it out? It has helped so many people, it's a good solution and really is a fun way of eating, having all that fruit :)

Afraid of carbohydrates? Don't be.

Pasta and sandwiches is one thing, but fruit is totally different. Here is a video I found that relates to what I'm talking about :)

If you need help with starting to eat raw or for general weight loss help, make sure you contact me.

Oh, and here is another one. This girl has gone from chubby to very slim.

What else? Other healthy diets to lose weight... Well, becoming vegan is another option.

Could going vegan be something for you?

That can work really well when it comes to losing weight.

I listened to another physician's talk a while ago and he said that one time he had put a group of people on a vegan diet and got very good results.

They were allowed to eat anything except animal products for about half a year and they all lost weight.

And most of them wanted to keep on eating that way when the program was finished, so they could keep their weight down long term.

I would make sure, if you would decide to go vegan, that you also try to eat as little sugar as possible.

I mean some pizzas are vegan, right?

But unfortunately they still might not be that healthy...

So make sure you eat a healthy vegan diet and not a crappy one :)

Love you guys!


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