Healthy Vegan diet, raw food diet and plant based - The Amazing Three

I love the vegan diet, plant-based and raw food diet. Done right, all of them are amazing and can be so good for you! 

They can be three separate diets but they can also all be combined as one, since they are very similar. All are technically vegan, plant based just means that the person isn't in addition to the eating habits also concerned about animal rights. It can also mean that someone is less strict about having animal products like meat, milk or eggs, but that is not something I would recommend for ultimate health. Maybe when transitioning, but now as a long-term solution.

The benefits? Eating this way will give you so much energy and really helps you glow and shine.

I've been vegan for many years. Thriving as a vegan can be easier than someone might think. 

This website, Nutridivas, was founded by myself and a few other health coaches back in 2014. At the time we mainly wrote about how eating habits and good lifestyle choices are important when wanting to live a long life of high quality.

Now that I am the main author here, topics will mainly revolve around plant-based eating, because I think this subject is very important right now. 

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A raw food diet is for sure a very healthy choice, but so is being a vegan or even just eating mainly plant-based. Don't be too hard on yourself when it comes to labeling exactly what or how you eat - the most important thing is that you always choose healthy options and don't buy any junk or fall for any sugary temptations. I’m proud of you for wanting to eat healthy! It really is a wise choice.

Raw Food

For those of you leaning more towards a raw diet, the good thing about it that naturally when eating raw you eat so many fruit and vegetables. and that is what we strive for. To make most of diet based on fruits and vegetables rather than breads or meats or potatoes or what have you. And another thing that is great about a raw vegan diet is that it is a very detoxing and cleaning way of eating and all of us would need some cleansing these days. A raw food diet can be a short term diet or a lifestyle where you keep eating like that long-term.

Vegan Diet and Plant-Based

Going vegan and/or eating a plant-based diet has helped so many people start to eat better and stay healthier. As long as your diet is still based on vegetables and you include a lot of greens and fruits you are good to go! The problem some new vegans face is making healthy choices, like is that veggie burger with soy-protein an okay choice? Or should I make myself some home made chickpea burgers?


1. The Vegan Challenge

2. Plant Based Cookbook

3. The Cleansing Detox Diet - A 7 Day Detox Diet Plan

I am also working on a raw vegan diet program that will be so amazing and make you feel so good and happy that you almost won't believe it. When it is done I will let you know.

How long should a program be?

A 30 day vegan diet? 1 week vegan diet? It depends on what you want to achieve by doing this. Usually I would recommend a total lifestyle change where you decide to start eating either raw, plant-based or vegan and stick with it. A program of a month or even just a week, with recopies and meal plans can definitely get you started on the right foot and then continue n your own.

If you just want to give your body a little break and if it is just a little weight and bloating you want to get rid of? Then a shorter plan would also work. The more weight you want to lose though, the longer you should keep following your plan. 

Juicing and Making Smoothies

Juice and smoothies are perfect to incorporate into your raw food diet, plant based diet or vegan diet. I think if we can combine fresh juices, smoothies and fruits and veggies and fresh herbs other ingredients like some spices and nuts, it will make the best diet ever! 

To make a really nice healthy drink, use freshly pressed orange juice as the liquid when making a strawberry or banana smoothie, or even fresh apple juice if you have a juicer at home. If you don't have one yet, I recommend you get one. Because a good blender and a good juicer is almost all we need to always have the option to have a healthy snack whenever we want. Imagine being able to make your own apple/carrot/orange juice with a dash of ginger, lemon and turmeric juice. That is a health bomb and a great flu-buster. Celery juice is also great in the morning, will give your body so many nutrients and after a while even your teeth will be happy and strong. 

People also come to me with health issues. I am not a doctor but a holistic health coach, so all I can do is guide you through a detox or healthy vegan diet program that will be on-going, until we see that your body is definitely heading towards the right direction.

This is what one client of mine said in his last email to me:

"I am all in - the sooner the better! You and I are going to have a great adventure! Thank you so much for being there Antonia!!"


I know there are people out there saying that the body can do everything it should be doing regardless of what we eat. I'm however sure that those people have never gone on a fast or cleanse or been on a healthy vegan diet long-term.

And those of us who have done cleanses several times, or do it regularly, know there is a great need to detox. We wish that everybody would do one, at least a few days, because we know how much it has helped us and we want the same for others.

Detoxing can be done anytime - if you are older than 18, not pregnant and not breastfeeding. It's a great gift you can give yourself. At times we need a little rest from food so our body can focus on healing and strengthening what has become weak.

About Antonia

I'm a certified holistic health coach and very passionate about food and how it affects out body and mind. I used to work at a luxury health retreat that had a famous juice detox program in the south of Europe. Juice was three times a day and the fourth meal was either a warm detox soup or a raw vegan meal. 

I learned a lot while working there and now you can benefit from that knowledge too, because I have put into the online programs I have here.

I really hope everything you find here on the vegan diet, detoxing, raw food, plant based eating and self-care will be helpful to you. Please join me in the quest to make this world a better place by starting to live an amazing life and being an example to others!