lovely Smoothie Recipes

Looking for smoothie recipes? I’m proud of you for wanting to start to drink more smoothies! It is really a wise choice - all of us would need some cleansing these days, and that is what smoothies can do for us. But a lot more also.

Juicing is amazing too. I think the best is if we can combine fresh juices and fruits and other ingredient to make a smoothie! 

So one doesn't have to be without the other. For example, we can use freshly pressed orange juice as the liquid in a strawberry or banana smoothie, or even fresh apple juice if you have a juicer at home. and if you don't, I recommend you get one, because a good blended and a good juicer is almost all we need at home to have to option to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. We don't need fancy exercise equipment - although it's nice of course. And we don't need specific detox teas - although that is also nice. But what I'm trying to say is that something as simple as having enough fresh fruits and vegetables can be the basis of a healthy life. Anything else on top of that is great, but not as necessary.

I do personalized detox programs with anyone who reaches out to me. But if doing a cleanse completely by yourself is more your thing, you can find a lot of online plans and programs here where you get all the information you need without the need to speak to anyone.

I hope I can help others with this information and the best of all is when I can help make a lasting change in someone's life. 

The best length of a smoothie cleanse? It depends on what you want to achieve by doing this. Is it just a little weight and bloating you want to get rid of? Then a shorter plan would work. The more weight you want to lose, the longer the plan should be though. But signing up for example a 1 week detox plan is fine if you want to get a good start and feel determined, because most probably you will continue on your own after that after the good results that you will see. 

Longer programs, like a whole month long are great for those of you who are really serious and really need a significant change. A program like that would include a detox, some fasting and learning to eat healthy after detoxing plus help on how to organize your life to make a lasting change.

Some cleanses are also whole foods based where you basically just eat very clean and healthy for a set amount of time.

People also come to me with serious health issues they want to reverse. I am not a doctor but I can still guide you through a detox that will be on-going until we see that your body is definitely heading towards the right direction.

This is what one client of mine said in his last email to me:

"I am all in - the sooner the better! You and I are going to have a great adventure! Thank you so much for being there Antonia!!"

Ideally I would like for you to not only want to do a program or follow a plan for a while, but afterwards also change your lifestyle and eating habits completely. Now this might not be realistic for everyone, but that would anyway be what I would wish for you.

I know there are people out there saying that the body can do everything it should be doing regardless of what we eat. I'm however sure that those people have never gone on a fast or cleanse.

And those of us who have done it several times, or do it regularly, know there is a great need to detox and amazing benefits to doing that. We wish that everybody would do one, at least a few days, because we know how much it has helped us and we want the same for others.

Detoxing can be done anytime - if you are older than 18, not pregnant and not breastfeeding. It's a great gift you can give yourself. At times we need a little rest from food so our body can focus on healing and strengthening what has become weak.

But the best detox diet? Would it be the 3 day detox? A fruit and vegetable detox or a grape fast? Or maybe a lemonade cleanse? I would again say, it really depends on your goal. Do you want to have more energy? Slim down? Get rid of your cravings? Sugar addiction or candida? Heal your liver and gallbladder? Cleanse your gut?

Some of you have also asked me for recommendation on good detox centers in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Arizona, the UK and other places around the world. Places where you can actually stay for a few weeks. I do know some really good ones, but they are too many to list here so if you want help with finding one, just contact me and I will see what I can do.

About Antonia

I'm a holistic health coach and work at a detox retreat in the south of Europe. It's beautiful here. People come from all over for the juice detox program. Here the clients meet with a naturopathic doctor and a nutritionist and they get massages and do yoga. Juice is four times a day and during the cold season only three and the fourth 'meal' is a warm detox soup. During their stay they also have a lot of treatments like colonic hydrotherapy, reiki and physiotherapy.