21 Day Detox Diet

A 21 day detox diet is a great length of a cleanse! Your body has enough time to do some major work during a 3 week period. Good choice!

Longer programs, like a whole month long are great for those of you who are really serious and really need a significant change. A program like that would include a detox, some fasting and learning to eat healthy after detoxing plus help on how to organize your life to make a lasting change.

Some programs are whole foods based where you basically just eat very clean and healthy for a set amount of time (and hopefully keep doing it after too).

Some people feel amazing throughout their cleanse. Often this is just because the cleansing process hasn't gone deep enough.

But with one that goes on for longer than a week, that is almost imossible. We want to see some symptoms come up a sign that the body is doing something or that something is actually happening and we aren't just doing this for nothing!

This is how I felt after 4 days one of the times I did a tea and juice detox diet:

Yes! I finally feel better! A little hungry still but refreshed and the fatigue is gone. Compared to today, yesterday was horrible. I had mostly water and tea yesterday and lemon water in the evening and I will have some more today, plus fresh grape juice. 

Lots of mucous, yellow and yesterday almost green.

Read this at your own risk: 

Today my poop was dark brown small balls in a liquid that I found out was mucous! A little scary.

But I'm feeling good. I was thinking about different dishes though. I'm vegan but for some reason I was thinking about scrambled eggs and was mourning that I can't have it anymore. I have to find some new favorites when it comes to raw food. Will be fun to experiment with different combinations or recipes of fruit salad and other dishes when I'm done with this. I've understood that this isn't so rare - to become interested in planning your diet once done detoxing.

At the detox retreat where I work I heard some clients say that for some reason they want to binge watch cooking shows while cleansing, and planning meals they will prepare in the future.

Some people say that what you are eating has nothing to do with you pain, your headache, your rashes, your spider veins, you acne... even doctors sometimes! But that is of course not correct.

Doctors have often been trained to think about medicines as cures instead of looking at what you are eating and at your lifestyle. But I do think some younger doctors are getting better at that these days. One told me I can use a medicine that has psyllium husks in it for my stomach problems. I thanked him so much but told him 'I have psyllium husk powder at home, I'll just use that instead' and he smiled.

It used to be all about selling medicine and making a personal profit but many young doctors are more aware, understanding and open and they actually want to help you help yourself.

Food Rebuilds Cells

Some people have gotten to the point of hopelessness and they just don't realize that there is hope.

I know it can be a struggle, but make sure you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And I want to congratulate you when you get there. So pls keep in touch!

Cravings on a 21 day detox diet?

Afraid you will have a problem with cravings? I'm sure you will, because it's all the candida and bacteria in your gut that is protesting and saying: 'we want sugar, we want what we usually get!'. Bu no worries, after a week or two (or even sooner) on this 21 day detox diet your taste buds will be craving fresh juice instead of chocolate and chips!

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