7 Day Detox Diet Plan

A 7 day detox diet plan is ready for you to use! I have tried and tested it several times and it works amazingly well.

Just contact me if you would like me to send it to you.

Is this the right time for you to start with your 7 day detox diet?

We had a talk by a practitioner at work today about the impact of stress in relation to cleansing ans it was quite interesting...

I learned that if you are stressed in your life and there is no way you can get away from that stress at the moment, maybe it is not the best time to detox right now.

When we detox we really need time to relax so the body can focus on what it needs to do. If we keep stressing, but stop eating, the body is still in a state of alarm most of the time and the detox diet won't work as it should.


Yoga, deep breathing, epsom salt baths and long walks are what you need to do during your cleanse for it to work in an optimal way.

Day 3 - Excerpt from a Real Detox Diary During a 7 Day Detox Diet Plan

I had only fruit juices yesterday and one herbal tea. No bowl movement.

This feels like it is good for my digestive system though. For it to get a well deserved break.

This morning I had some warm water and then water with lemon. My tummy started hurting a bit after the lemon water and it felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. But nothing came out except for gas. 

Maybe I will research what fruits are most gut friendly.

Okay... one website said apples. I can do that. I will change my lemon water routine for a while to fresh apple juice with nothing else in it. But I'll have some warm plain water first. Another website mentioned raspberries. I love raspberries. Maybe I buy some organic frozen ones today, let them thaw and then I will juice them with my strainer bag. Yes!

I had apple juice and later I had juiced greens with a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar. Very good. A detox doctor on YouTube says that for teeth problems (like I have) we should have more greens like parsley, coriander and dandelion. Hopefully I keep up the habt of green drinks after I have followed this 1 week detox plan - when I'm done. 

In the late night I had some fresh berry juice with apple and pear that I had made for my son and me. So good. That was all for today.

Take care and have a great continuation of your day!

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