About me...

the owner of NutriDivas.com

I'm a holistic health coach and loving every minute of it!

I love smoothies. They are so healthy and that's why I created this site. Fresh juice is amazing too, so I do talk about that too here and there on this site. 

I used to have a lot of stomach issues, and found out that my body doesn't like corn. Leaving that out of my diet helped me a lot, but wow did it take me many years to finally find out what it was I was sensitive to. 

These day I most often eat very healthy, mainly raw and a lot of smoothies. I also do juicing regularly and some dry fasting and water fasting too. 

I got my training at the largest nutrition school out there (with headquarters located in NYC). Everything could be done online and that fit me perfectly because at the time I was living in Northern Europe - very far from New York.

I have a teenage child and I am engaged to a professional chef, named Jonathan. We are looking to have children together soon, so I'm trying to prepare my body.

Apart from taking care of this NutriDivas website, I also manage a website for children's nutrition, because I am very interested in helping families. You can find it at antonianyberg.com

If you have any questions or would like to connect, just contact me.

And if you think you could also be interested in studying to become a certified health coach, just let me know and I will tell you more about the program and the school I studied at.

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