Best Detox for Weight Loss

Best detox for weight loss? To tell you the truth, all of them are good. But a longer one would make much more sense if you are serious about losing weight.

Most people who are into weight loss have been taught to stay away from sugar. And yes, by all means, stay away from refined sugar and white flour products - but don't put fruit in this same category.

Body Fat Fact

People lose weight on fruit diets!

I am on fruit detox diet right now, a long term one, and in 20 days I've lost more weight than I ever wanted to lose. Even so much that I felt I had to apologize a little bit yesterday to my boyfriend when he came to visit - I hadn't seen him in a month.

So it does work, I am living proof of that.

But not all of us have the discipline to eat only fruit for a month or longer. But if there is a will there is a way.

Is it even healthy, you might ask?

Yes! Giving your body a break from all that other food you consume daily and only feeding it with nutritious fruit is amazingly good for you. Even if you are pre-diabetic, no worries, really!

And is it the best detox for weigh loss?

I think it is, at least one of the best ones. Because it is relatively easy, you can choose the fruit you want to eat and you have a lot of choice so it doesn't get that boring. You can make juices, smoothies and fruit salads and even fruit soups if you wish - as long as they are raw.

More Healthy Diet and Weight Loss Information

When it comes to burning body fat, either a detox diet or a combination of exercise and a super healthy diet is best.

And it's good to remember that what you eat (or don't eat) is still the most important part of slimming down.

I often do it during the winter too! It's great.

But seriously, when it comes to weight loss, I recommend coaching.


Because a diet plan often works better if you at the same time do some coaching or counseling.

Unless  you have a good friend who is dedicated in trying to help you with this.

There are all kinds of obstacles and feelings that might come up and they are best dealt with together with someone else.

On its own, a diet plan or detox diet plan is not always that effective - no matter how healthy and well planned it is.

Your Healthy Diet Plans and Stress

It can be, but more times than not you'll stick to it for a while and things will go well, but very often something happens (a birthday party, a dinner at a relative...) that will make you deviate from the plan.

And if you are alone and have no one to talk to about what happened, there will be no one there who can tell you that it's OK - things like that happen to everyone and tomorrow is a new day.

And sometimes we might go crazy after we've had the taste of food we haven't had in a while (like myself - that's why I have to be really strict), and even eat more of the things that are definitely not found on our plan.

So that's why it's beneficial to have someone to email and talk to when things aren't going the way they should.

Because that happens to all of us at some point.

If you want me to be that person you can contact when things are rough but also when they are going well, go ahead and contact me.

Best Detox for Weight Loss.
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Changing the way you eat isn't easy! No one said it is. And if someone did say that, they probably haven't tried it themselves..

It's important to stay motivated and exited about the change that's happening.

Changing the way you eat is not easy...

By the way, it pays off to lead an active lifestyle:

I also want to share this short informative video with you:

Speaking of healthy diet weight loss information, in the magazine VegNews I read that the way it looks now, by 2030 there will be at least another 8 million people in the US living with diabetes! That's a lot of people, more than the population of Finland! And this is mostly because of poor eating habits.

Of course diabetes cases are popping up everywhere in the world these days, not only in the US. UK has pretty scary numbers too, and so do many other countries too.

So, you better start working on your diet NOW so you won't become one of them!

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