Body Detox Diet

A body detox diet can make you feel refreshed and ready to continue eating a nutritious diet.

Sometimes it takes many shorter fasts, sometimes a longer detox program will do it.

The Goddess Body Detox Diet

Quote from a detox diary of a client:

'This cleanse has been really hard - but now finally getting better. I'm doing this full body detox diet for my future children. After my fibrocystic breasts, cysts on the ovaries, gallbladder issues.. I really felt I had to do this in the hope of pushing out any old viruses and to get all chemicals out before conception. That way the child will have a better chance of great health. I also realize that I can't keep eating or drinking just anyhow and expect super health in the long run'.

I used to work at a detox retreat and I used to see people coming in who were very stressed, tired, bloated and sometimes moody also. When they left a few weeks later, it was a totally different story. Their eyes were shining and they had this calmness over them that's hard to describe.

I also have my own online program that is as effective, called:

The Full Body Cleanse Program - includes a whole body detox diet plan.

We are all different and some of us are very independent and prefer it to stay that way (just give me a plan and some instructions and I'm good to go!). For those of you who recognize yourselves, I have plans on this site with little or no interaction with me - just follow the instructions and you'll be detoxed and happy. For example:

The 3 Day, 7 Day, 21 Day and Candida Detox Diet

A fellow health practitioner called Athena once said: "Nothing tastes as good as feeling better" And that is so true!

But sometimes doing a body detox diet can be easier said than done...

I know, I've been there, food addiction 100%. And it took me many years of trying until I could finally do this. Even though I had acute symptoms it was still so hard to change my diet.

But I did it finally.

And after many cleanses I now feel great. I love my new life and I have to worry so much less. Somewhere deep inside me I have this peace now. I know I'm healthy and I'm not going back 'there' ever again.

I was reacting to gluten, fats, dairy, corn and a lot more! But at times I didn't care! I just wanted to enjoy the taste of the food and sacrifice my well-being (because boy would I feel awful after having stuffed myself). Now no more. I have new foods I love. And I will stick to them. Still, socially it isn't always easy. 

People won't always understand.

A few years ago my best friend who is overweight and has ankle pains and gas problems didn't at all understand why I, or anyone for that matter, would be fasting or detoxing. She freaked out the first time I did a healthy body detox. After that it's not a subject I'll discuss with her anymore. Some people are just not interested or just too scared of change, and that's completely fine.

Many hugs to you!

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By the way, here is how I detox my body.

If you suspect you have have a candida problem, you will like this one:

Candida Detox Diet

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'I'm on a cleanse and I have notice that without the heavy meals I have trouble sleeping. I went to bed at around 00.30 but still haven't been able to fall asleep.

So I did some research and found out that insomnia has to do with the pineal gland. It's the gland that creates melatonin.

I found an article of what to eat for a healthier pineal gland. Chlorella and kelp was two of the best foods for that. Malic acid was also important and they suggested apple cider vinegar but apples are as good.'