Candida Detox Diet

How would a candida detox diet look like? Protein, yogurt and no fruit? Wrong! 

Instead it should be like any other good detox diet, water, teas, salads, fruit, green drinks coupled with candida killing herbs.

 - that's about it! leave out all the rest for as long as you feel you can. Maybe 15 days or even 21!

What not to eat:


You see, if you eat a lot of breads, and even rice and meat as well as milk, you are inviting a lot of fermentation and candida into the body. And feeding whatever is already there! often because of the way we choose to combine foods, but often also because of how the food naturally acts in the body - for example turning into a simple sugar.

And because most of us do eat that way, most of us also have serious candida issues. When candida is present in the gut it can block absorption of nutrients so you do really need it out of there. 

Gas is a result of fermentation when it comes to grains and putrefaction when it comes to meat. When you have a lot of gas - it means candida is present.

The answer? Eating fresh foods. Salads, raw dishes, smoothies, juices. Or go on a candida detox diet and then you are done with it! As long as you keep eating fairly healthy and combine your food well afterwards.


Did you know that gas can also be the rsult of sulfur in the food recting with the candida!

Sulfur containing foods most often make the candida worse. So that would for example be garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, coconut milk where carrageen has been added, eggs, meat and so on.

'Anytime my boyfriend is over he likes to make curries. He uses coconut milk, onion, garlic, broccoli or cauliflower and some other veggies. Both me and him often have MAD gas after those meals and we never really knew why! Until I understood it's the sulfur. It's basically a sulfur soup he is making! It tastes good, but unfortunately eating that way is not helping my candida eroding efforts. So no more of these veggie curries for me'.

Natural Candida Remedy


One thing that really helps is drinking tea made out of a candida killing herb called Pau D'Arco. I have started drinking that tea now and it's really helping. You can drink it starting on day 1 of your candida detox diet.

'During most of my own detox diets I've been on, I have passed a lot of mucous from the gut. And I know that means I have a candida problem that I'm still fighting. But my fresh diet now has almost removed all of it'.

The detox center where I work - yup, that's my chair right there behind the computer.

Why not get this candida detox diet started today?

Do a natural candida cleanse with me. Just let me know when you want to start. It will take you a few weeks and the whole program will cost you $37.

During this cleanse you will find out about the best candida herbs and where to get them. You will also get many candida cleanse recipes, so you won't have to eat boring food just because you are cleaning. The herbs will do their thing even if you eat healthy foods and don't only stick to liquids, like some people prefer.

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