Coupled with one of the healthy diets I will...

Coupled with one of the healthy diets that I have chosen I will also do all of the other things I'll tell you about here - wish me luck!

Many times I've tried to change my habits, but I guess I haven't been motivated enough. This time I am. And just now I made a whole wellness plan for myself that I'll share with you here :)

The reason I made this plan? Because I am meeting the man of my dreams in one month. Quite literally, because I wake up almost every morning noticing that I've had a dream about him!

Here is My Plan...

Every day for one month I will:

- do oil pulling when I wake up in the morning

(oil pulling draws out toxins and makes your teeth get whiter, it's basically just swirling olive oil around in your mouth for about ten minutes)

- I will drink two glasses of water after the oil pulling

(and after brushing my teeth)

- I will do a couple of yoga postures and deep breathing exercises

- I will have at least one huge salad a day

- eat five fruits

- I will keep calm in situations where I usually get stressed out

(no running to the bus - take the next one!)

- chew my food well, eat slowly and mindfully

- I will go jogging

(even if it's just for 15 minutes)

- do some leg exercises

- I will read at least one page from the book "A Return To Love" by Marianne Williamson every night

- And finally, I will try hard to go to sleep early and make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night - so I will look my best... and feel rested and beautiful!

That's it! Hope you liked it!

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