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Detox Diet Foods and Supplements

Watery sweet fruits like melons are excellent to eat when you are detoxing.

I have been detoxing on melons, melon juice and fresh orange juice several times. Also, if weight has been an issue for you, you'll be pleased to know that if you only drink fresh juice and eat fruit there is no way you won't lose weight. I know from experience that you will! 

My goal wasn't even to lose any, I actually rather have kept my pounds, but I wanted to detox and that is what made my fat melt away.

Lemon is also an amazing fruit when it comes to detoxing. It helps getting rid of mucous in the body.

Grapes is another amazing detox food!

Amazing Melon Drink

To keep you bones and teeth healthy during a fast or cleanse, some good green powders would be good to invest in.

Or just mix some organic fresh spinach in your detox soup or smoothies.

Apples are also great, especially for the liver. 

Herbs are amazing when it comes to detoxing. I have a lot of them at home. Get some herb mix or detox tea. Dandelion, parsley, nettle, ginger, chaste tree, cinnamon, marshmallow root and so many more.

You don't always have to eat when it comes to cleansing the body. You can also just drink a lot for a few days. But nothing that contains alcohol or sugar of course! 

How to Make Detox Water

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More detox diet food ideas:

Always keep yourself hydrated, unless you are dry fasting. You can check if you are drinking enough by noticing how many times or how often you have to pee.

About every 3 hours should be fine.

But don't over-do it. Don't drink constantly.

That can put a strain on your kidneys!

Most people who forget to eat enough greens and fresh vegetables have low levels of this mineral.

Eating more green veggies or taking a chromium supplement will reduce your cravings. Broccoli is a good natural source of this mineral.

More Detox Diet Foods

Vegetarian Meals for detox

Doctors are now often recommending vegetarian or more specifically vegan diets for people with various health and weight problems.

All my detox programs are vegan, otherwise it just wouldn't make sense. Animal products make out bodies acidic and because of that acidity we get various pains in the body and inflammation everywhere - not a fun lace to be at.

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