Is a detox diet healthy?

A detox diet can be a very welcome small 'holiday' for your body. It gives your body a chance to rest and heal and at the same time you add a lot of amazing nutrition into it by drinking amazing juices. So yes it is healthy to go on a detox once in a while. How to eat after your detox, or how to eat a clean and cleansing diet in the long term? It shouldn't be that hard. I have a program that helps you with that, but overall, vegetarian or vegan is often the best and easiest for the heart and digestive tract and keeps your body alkaline.

How is a vegan or vegetarian diet healthier than other ways of eating?

Leaving out meat and replacing it with vegetables, legumes and salads sure is healthier than for example making a habit of having steak, bacon, sausage and even chicken for dinner...

But do make sure you also think about the fact that take out and greasy fast food meals, even though they might not contain any meat, still are probably not very healthy for you. especially the gallbladder suffers when you eat a lot of fatty foods.

But as always, being healthy is not only about how we eat. I have a friend who has been a vegetarian all his life.

In his teens he started smoking and then smoked for 20 years. So he might not be as healthy as someone who has been eating meat once in a while

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