Detox My Body

How to detox my body?

Simple. Take some time out and eat 100% clean and vegan. If you want, go even further - do a fruit or juice cleanse.

You can also do things like a detox foot soak and take Epsom salt baths. Relax and sleep a lot. These are just a few things you could do out of so many I can suggest to you.

What I described above is the exact way I detox my body and all my clients do the same.

I guess it sounds easier than it is in practice though. How much, how often, how many days? Some recipes please? Those are the most common questions or requests I get.

I totally understand you want to cleanse your body. I've been on that same path for years now. Cleaning myself out, deeper and deeper each time.

We live in a world where we abuse our body so much that it really does deserve to be detoxed once in a while or why not once and for all! 

To get any kinds of toxins, bacteria, chemicals, candida and waste out of our body and out of our cells, we have to go on a thorough cleanse.

Like this 21 day detox diet. 

A detox does not only cause a physical transformation but it also changes other things within us. Our mindset, our priorities... You will realize a lot about yourself. 

Last year while cleansing I understood that I need to think about what I want more and not always just go with the flow. I guess I have had the tendency to take others into consideration much more than I have been thinking about myself.

Being more assertive and saying no without feeling guilty is another thing I noticed I needed to do something about. That was some years ago during a longer cleanse. I have been able to overcome that now thanks to all the inner work I've been doing during my fasts.

Detox My Body
Detox Diary

"I'm at the movies. Will write a little bit before it starts. I've been doing pretty good. exactly how I detox my body? I drink a lot of water and specific teas. And it is a lot about healthy food. I left the vegan chocolate and the grains and the fried food.

I have already been eating very well for years, vegan and all, but that doesn't mean everything has been perfect. I came to a point where I really felt I needed to clean out my colon and detox my body well.

So let's see what I have been eating the last few days. Have had my lemon water and my juices but also some organic vegan whole foods.

Yesterday I had a lot of fresh fruits and I had soup for dinner. Today I made my own juice in the morning and had a lot of it.Then sunflower seed, chia and pumpkin seed crackers, with fermented kale on top. T

he rest of the day I will focus on fruit and in the evening I am making a salad. I will also take my detox herbs when I get home. I'm getting very good results so far, better digestion and the headaches are gone. And of course, like always, I have lost weight (not intentionally, but it still always happens. I think it is because of the drastic changes in my eating habits and because there isn't any refined sugar in my diet at the moment.

I still have a lot of sweet stuff every day - fruit! It keeps me happy. I read that it is now scientifically proven that having a lot of fruit (and veggies) keeps you from feeling down!(

I've decided to do more things for myself and by myself. So it's the first time in ages I'm at the movies all alone. A little set-back when I walked into the wrong movie theater hall and someone was sitting in 'my seat'. It was embarrassing that I insisted it was mine and in fact it wasn't. But now it's all good. I'm finally in the right movie hall and the right seat so I can relax.

A friend of mine was disappointed that we didn't go together. But she only wanted to come if we would then go to her house after the movie and I would sleep over (so she could go and meet her boyfriend late at night - that way she wouldn't have to feel bad about leaving her 10 year old alone). But I said no. I just couldn't have done that tonight, really didn't feel like it. I want to sleep in my own bed, at home. And not just say yes although I don't even feel like it.

Will be a good thing for me to be here watching this movie by myself. I have bananas and delicious tangerines with me."

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