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Let's take a look at detox water - what it is and different kinds you can make at home!

At the health retreat we always have a huge glass container with this kind of amazing cleansing water in the juice room. The clients can go there anytime of the the day or night and get themselves a glass of detox water.

This kind of water can look really pretty, imagine a wine glass with water in it that has a few ice cubes and a mint leaf and a strawberry slice or lemon slice on top. A nice drink to serve when you have friends over for lunch or when you sit in your garden a hot summer's day.

But what exactly is detox water?

It's basically infused water. The best one I have had so far is water infused with rose petals, lime and wild raspberries.

How do you make it?

All you do is fill a glass container with fresh water and add slices of lemon or lime (very cleansing) along with any other slices of any fruit or vegetable you like. Could be cucumber or berries for example.

Keep the container in the fridge or alternatively in your kitchen at room temperature (your choice) for several hours - for the water to become one with the flavors and nutrients of the added ingredients.  

You could also make it a habit to always make some in the evening and let it infuse overnight so you can enjoy this healthy drink in the morning.

Recipe ideas or combinations?

Cucumber Lemon Detox Water

Ginger is used in many detox teas and most detox products, so a good one you can make at home is lemon slices and ginger slices in water.

Another one would be apple slices, cucumber slices and mint leaves!

You can always add fresh herbs, they are reallt detoxing. There are so many amazing ones, so just go to the store and choose which ones you want.

If you want to boost you memory - choose rosemary

To get rid of heavy metals from the body - choose cilantro

If you want it to taste really good and at the same time be kind to your stomach - choose mint

To detox your kidneys - choose parsley

This is video taught me that it's not always all or nothing. You don't have to give up detoxing or stop your cleansing efforts just because you are not eating 100% clean all the time. You can still keep your routine of detox waters and teas every day, and that way you help your body immensely.

But of course if the goal is something more here (and goes deeper) than just to get glowing skin and feel energized, in that case detox water plus a regular standard American diet is still unfortunately not enough. So it really depends on what you are trying to do by detoxing.

If you just want to add a healthy routine to your day,  then by all means have this kind of cleansing drink every day plus your regular meals and snacks. Kind of like having the cake but eating it too.

But to some extent it works. The detox water will supply you with vitamins and minerals and help your liver and gut get things started in the morning and keep things moving throughout the day. But it won't heal any food sensitivities, candida, parasite issues, kidney weaknesses, acne.. those things require a little more discipline. But its totally doable.

Love you!

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