Diet and Nutrition Program

I've got a diet and nutrition program in the form of an e-course that will help you eat right and at the same time cleanse your colon and liver!

You'll understand the why behind good nutrition and what to do about cravings. We'll talk about meaningful, balanced and healthy living and a lot more.

I will be teaching you things that I myself learned when studying at the nutrition school I've talked about elsewhere here on this site. There I had the privilege to learn from the best medical doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists.

I've designed this diet and nutrition program so that you slowly but surely can become fit and healthy. And this is what I really want for you to become. You deserve it!

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More About the Diet and Nutrition Program

When signing up, you'll receive interesting reading material and assignments that will help you get to where you want to be.

If you really enjoy this nutrition course, when you are done, make sure your send me an email and tell me. For example how you felt before and during the program and how you feel now :)

Did you know that some people feel uncomfortable in their own skin when they start getting slimmer?

They might unconsciously feel they don't deserve feeling good about themselves. This might even have been the underlying reason of the weight gain in the first place - bad self confidence.
Make sure this won't be you!

Going on a healthy diet (and because of that losing some weight), is definitely something that will make a huge difference in your life.

The way you feel, the way you dress, the way you behave, your plans...

and of course the way people act towards you.

They'll notice that you are different somehow.

You'll get a lot more attention than now, that's for sure.

By the way, here is one small assignment often included in a healthy weight loss diet program:

Keeping track of what you eat, by writing it down.

It's actually a quite good idea to do it - for a couple of days at least. I've done it and it has really helped me.

I've heard some people say they don't want to do it because then they would see everything on paper, and whatever they are doing would feel like it's "official"... and that would mean that they really would have to do something about it.

But I would say, just forget about your fears and do it :)

This exercise could also help you start to understand the emotional connection you have with food - if you have any. I would love to hear what you find out!

Do you only eat when hungry? Or do you also eat when you feel you deserve something special? As a reward? Or when you are lonely?

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