Dieting Help - Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Do you need dieting help? I would like to help you if you let me.

Doing it by yourself can be really boring and also quite hard (often it doesn't even work), so that's why I'm here.

What I could do is something I do with other clients also, and that is to have regular sessions wit you on Skype or messenger.

We can talk about you and how dieting has gone for you so far and how we can change your lifestyle and make this work for you. Together we will come up with a realistic action plan on how you can permanently keep your weight off. We will also figure out what fits you, and we will talk about how you can make healthy meals for yourself.

In the follow up sessions we talk about how your week has gone and how the weight loss is coming on. We will do this until you feel you no longer need me.

Go ahead and...

If we want to get out of life as much as possible and live healthy and happily, it pays off to stay lean. There are so many health complications that come with carrying around excess fat.

One of them (one of so many) that is becoming more common and even in very young overweight people, is liver problems. And with that comes anger... it might sound weird that the liver is connected to our emotions, but it actually is. Find anyone you know who has anger management issues and ask them to go and check how their liver is doing - more often than not their liver is compromised and would need a good detox.

At the moment I am reading a very interesting dieting book. It is based on the newest research and has gotten super good reviews.

I knew that having a good amount of friendly bacteria in the gut is very important for our overall health, but I didn't know that they play such a huge role in how or if we are able to keep our weight down. This is something I am taking into account from now on when dealing with my clients.

This is just one of the books I have read on dieting this year. During my nutrition studies I read so many more. I can't wait to share everything I know with you.

And hey, if you want to go on a detox diet, then this is the right place for that! Go ahead and have a look around this website for more info on that. Lots of hugs!

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Dieting Help - Losing Weight the Healthy Way

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