The Digestive System Cleanse

Thinking of doing a digestive system cleanse?

There are many foods that are known to be good for the GI tract, stomach and large and small intestine. 

A few of them are berries, Aloe Vera juice and herbs like slippery elm bark, ginger, fennel and marshmallow root.

Berries are great for the digestive system

I've had gut issues and digestive tract issues for so many years. They are basically gone now after all the work I've done with my body. But still if I have beans or many gluten foods or pour a lot of oil on my food I get problems.

And probably if I would eat dairy or meat, but that stuff I don't touch anymore. 

But did you know that something as innocent sounding as grains can create bowel issues and even fungus in the body?

Bread and pasta is maybe not something we think about eliminating first. We often go for the beans or maybe something like dairy. But the thing with grains is that first of all they are acidic but also not very good if we want to keep your digestive tract clean.

This is a detox by a friend of mine who works in the health field:

Here is The Simple and Easy
Digestive System Cleanse!

This cleanse can take one day, but can also go on for two whole days if needed.

Buy cucumbers, apples, beets, ginger root, lemon.

Juice this and drink it 3-4 times a day. 

Also buy Aloe Vera juice and fennel tea.

Drink 8 oz Aloe juice throughout the day. 

If your stomach hurts, breathe deeply or meditate and lay down while doing that.

Don't eat anything! Let your gut calm down.

Have fennel tea before bed.

The following days you can still keep juicing but you can eat other foods too if your gut seems to have calmed down due to this short digestive system cleanse.

This could be a good remedy when you have a 'flair' up or feel overly acidic or inflamed.

Breaking A Fast / Re-introducing Food

Be kind to your digestive system when breaking a fast or when you are done with a detox diet.

For a while, avoid milk, cheese, grains, spicy food, meat and too much fat.

This was interesting to read and touches on this subject:

Detox Diary

I'm done with the juice cleanse and will transition to eating today. 

This morning here at the hotel I was still juicing and will keep doing it in the mornings. It's so healthy. Half a lemon, some ginger and about 8 apples.

I drank some lemon water first, then had the juice.

We went down to the hotel breakfast and there was not that much that I would have liked to eat really, my taste buds doesn't want dead food anymore..  But I took one pear, Ayurvedic herbal detox tea and I ate an organic orange I had in my purse. I also took some cucumber pieces with me to eat later today. Too bad they are not organic. 

For lunch I had a salad at a Chinese restaurant. Again of course not organic. Sesame seed dressing. Hm, not sure that was such a great idea.

Later I had my own apple and ginger juice with lemon and some oranges.

Late in the evening around 11 pm I was hungry and I decided to make avocado 'salad' for me and my son. Mine had 1.5 avocados in it plus almost a whole cucumber and some fermented kale, a little salt and a little pomegranate juice to sweeten it up.

I guess it was bad food combining and a shock to my system to suddenly have that much fat, because I got a short cramp in my tummy and then some gas. And it was maybe not the best to start eating a complex meal at 11 pm after such a strict cleanse, I should have just had a banana and gone to bed. Well, we live and learn!

Strawberries reduces inflammation: medicalnewstoday

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