Go on a Detox Diet

Want to go on a detox diet? I'm excited for you!

So what's your plan? Juicing? Fasting?

Whole healing foods? 

On this site I have a ton of information on how to detox your body or how to target certain parts of the body like your liver, colon, kidneys - you name it.

I've gone on several cleansing before and right now I'm actually on day 10! Go ahead and join me!

How to go on a detox diet - what is the best way?

One of my clients has decided to start with a food-based cleansing diet and then he will do a master cleanse or lemon juice detox for 10 days. 

go on a detox diet

After that he will continue with a raw diet until he is well and possibly keep it up for the rest of his life.

Now that is only what he decided would work for him, after thinking for quite some time.

It is always good to take some time to think before you start.

You get some help with that here, and you will also see a few different plans or kinds of detoxes you can choose from. 

How To Stop Hunger Cravings during a cleanse?

Keep your goal in mind.

Remind yourself over and over again why you started the cleanse in the first place. 

Have some warm herbal tea! That has helped me many times. Or if the type of cleanse you are on allows it, have some fruit!

Advantages of Detox a Diet

You take in less food, and what you do take in is highly nutritious (especially if you choose a juice or fruit detox diet) and after some time you will feel lighter and often even much happier than before!

Your absorption of nutrients will become more efficient because you have cleaned out a lot of old stool and junk that was in the way. 

One benefit I must share after 10 days (I have been having mainly melons and peaches), is that my nails (that usually break easily) are now long, strong and beautiful! I am surprised because you would think that fruits don't have that much calcium in them but it seemed they do. Or then it's all the herbal teas and herb supplements. It's something anyway, and I'm really happy about this change. 

Issues after the Cleanse

"I'm not hungry, I'm just obsessed with food"

That is what I thought to myself when walking past the kitchen a few days after one of my previous cleanses.

When you are successfully finished with a detox diet (or sometimes unsuccessfully if cravings happen to take over - yes that happened to me before, and when you try to go back to eating a more regular diet (but still healthy), it's easy to have a short period when you are unusually obsessed with food!

You have been restricting your diet for so long that your mind goes a little crazy now when the rules are lifted.

There are so many reasons we should eat healthy. And all of us react differently to food but one thing is clear: 

An Acidic Body is Not a Healthy Body

So eating mainly alkaline foods like raw fruits and vegetables and adding in some other healthy meal here and there is always the best way to go. 

As log as you eat enough calories every day, and feel confident that you have eaten enough nutritious food already that day, it's okay to ignore feelings of hunger in the evenings. Just have some water or herbal tea instead. And slowly your body will get used to not having food ALL the time, like for example at midnight!

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