Healthy Body Detox

How would a healthy body detox sound right now? To me it would sound perfect! I'm for doing one anytime!

Sometimes people who are interested in doing this 'the healthy way' are looking for a cleanse that includes soups and raw food, because it isn't as hard on your system and your detox as strictly teas and smoothies and the detox symptoms won't be as severe.

But it depends on how much in a hurry you are. If you have a chronic disease, I wouldn't go easy on my system like that - instead I would just dive right in and forget the vegetables and nuts.

But if you are not in a hurry and also want to learn how to start eating healthy in general, I would say going slow is better for you.

By the way, you know when you go on a detox diet to clean your body and often to lose some weight? It always works. But a regular diet? Not always unfortunately. 


Because what we would really need to do is find something that fits us and our lifestyle that we can stick with and keep our interest - otherwise nothing will work in the long-run.

It doesn't really matter whether that is going vegan, eating raw or whatever other healthy diet it is - as long as you feel good doing it.

Not everyone is interested in healthy eating, and some people still don't see that there is a connection between food and health!


For example a client I had when I was working for the city in collaboration with child services.

This woman, who is a stage 4 cancer patient, has stacks of soda in her home. 

I've also seen mental illness patients drink one soda after another...

When you feel good after having
gone on a healthy body detox diet

or made some other changes, try to make sure you don't expect everyone to be excited for you...

Because some people still today think that "this nutrition stuff" is just a bunch of nonsense.

Looking at the graph,

we can see that most people think they are eating kind of okay -

but are they really?

At the nutrition school where I studied they told us in one of the lectures that we've got more diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the world at this point in time than ever before...

The link between these diseases and our diet has been proven.

So why aren't we doing something about it and what's up with the way we eat?

Common misconception about healthy food

So I guess there is just a lot of general confusion!

Also, very few people the time to listen to their own body.

But all that is hopefully changing.

I feel people are becoming more aware. Wanting to clean up the body and live in a healthier way.

All of you who come to this website have different reasons for wanting to start eating a healthy body detox.

Some of you want to do it for a healthier liver, better circulation or a healthier heart and some want to lose weight.

Something that could be good to consider after your detox is a healthy eating diet plan

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