Healthy Eating Diet Plan

Looking for a healthy eating diet plan? I know, there is so much misleading information out there these days on what we are supposed to eat, its crazy… ads in health magazines, fad diet books and the list goes on..

That is why we really need to learn about food and what it does to us, so we can make our own informed choices.

In my opinion that is the only way for us to reach optimal health, because our bodies actually respond very well to improved eating habits.

Your risk of developing a serious diseases decreases the day you make the changes. And after a while you will notice positive changes in your body and you will feel great.

This is what I've learned from both my own experience, my health coach training and from the many people I have talked to about nutrition.

Need a guide to eating healthy?

A healthy eating diet plan?

I've noticed that some people (including myself in the past),

love to learn about nutrition but then don't act on what they know.

It doesn't help to just read and learn and talk about it unless you finally decide to do it for real!

Healthy Food Shopping

Making a healthy eating diet plan starts by writing a grocery list. You need to buy all the good food to be able to make it at home.

Load up your shopping cart with a lot of vegetables and fruits and stay longer at the produce section than any other section when you are at the grocery store.

And before you go, make a healthy shopping list for yourself.

Write down:

Do you like fermented kale - sauerkraut?

If you do, write down that too.

It has lots of good bacteria for your gut, much more than yogurt!

Like everything on the list, the two last foods I mentioned have excellent nutritional content.

You can buy them dried, but then they have to be soaked and boiled before eating.

Or buy them in a glass jar or tetra pack

- I would avoid the canned ones because of the unwanted stuff they contain that has leaked from the can.

An easy meal you can make:

Just warm up some chopped up onion, garlic, tomatoes and fresh rosemary with some organic extra virgin olive oil and a tiny bit of water. For example in a sauce pan. You don't have to fry it, just warm it up on low heat - until the onion is soft. Then add in chickpeas and lots of baby spinach.

You can always leave out some ingredient if you don't like it or if you feel it's not good for you. Like for example the onion.

Tip: If you add in enough tomatoes, olive oil is unnecessary and that way the meal will have fewer calories.

Oh! I forgot something that is good to have on the list! Brown rice! You can make all sorts of healthy meals with that. There are even rice noodles you could eat with a pasta sauce! That could be something to try. Organic rice is always a better choice.

A Healthy Eating Diet Plan

A healthy eating plan doesn't have to be that complicated.

1. Wean yourself off of sugar first. It's a very good start. Because at the same time you stop eating all kinds of sugary products, chocolate, cookies, muffins, sugary pasta sauces etc. This for example helps get rid of any unnoticed Candida.

2. Start making your own food at home. Instead of buying ready made pasta sauces for example, buy some plain tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes (in a glass jar) and add some fresh basil, some vegetables maybe and garlic or anything you like. This way you have more control over the ingredients in your food and you avoid sugar, chemicals and preservatives.

3. Get yourself the kitchen equipment that you need. 

So you can make all those healthy delicious recipes you see everywhere.

4. Make sure you have at least one salad every day.

Add some nuts if you like, or avocado.

Avocado makes salads so yummy.

If you don't feel you have time to make a salad, go out and buy one during your lunch break at a buffet restaurant or someplace else.

I know they have a nice salad buffet at most Whole Foods stores.

After eating this way for a while, you'll feel a difference.

If not, just contact me and we'll find out why.

Grow Your Own Food

If I would have a backyard, I would start growing my own organic food. If you have one, why not go ahead and try 

and you will have your own little backyard farm.

I know it isn't that easy in the beginning to stick to your healthy eating diet plan - to get used to everything. You need to learn new healthy food habits and teach your taste buds to like new things. But a few weeks into it and you are not going to want to look back!

But hey, you don't have to do it all alone if you find it hard. is here for you, and the people behind it too!

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