Heart Healthy Diet Plan

A heart healthy diet plan? Do you feel like you should start eating in a way that's heart friendly? I totally understand you!

Your heart is doing such a good job in your body already, beating and taking care of your blood, so yes, it deserves food that helps do what it needs to do every second of the day.

Most healthy diets are heart friendly, because if they are good for you they will also be low in foods that aren't very good for this amazing organ of ours. But there is a way to design a diet so that it's especially good for your heart.

When I was studying to be a health counselor I also did a lot of research on my own, outside of class, for example on diabetes, arthritis and also heart health.

A Heart Healthy Diet Plan

What You Need to Know about Heart Healthy Eating

Some of you might have some questions and some of you have come here because you would like to have some heart healthy diet guidelines. No problem. If you have something to ask me, just email me.

And if you want tips on this subject and action steps on how to start, here goes…

Heart Healthy Diet Plan Tips

When you are concerned with the health of your heart, it pays off to eat food that is as close to its original state as possible! That kind of food will for example be much lower in sodium, but there are also other reason you should be making your food from scratch.

For example, you could buy tomatoes instead of tomato soup, and make your own soup. Add some rosemary or other fresh herbs and maybe a bit of Himalayan pink salt and it will be delicious.

The heart needs calcium, but too much is also not too good. So be careful with those calcium supplements. 

There is very good amount of calcium in kale, the kind that the body absorbs easily! I would say it is much better to have that than dairy.


Milk has been linked to the disease of this important organ of ours.

There was also one doctor who said that a little cayenne pepper in hot water is good for heart patients. So cayenne tea might be something to have often.

Your heart and body will feel better when you go on a healthy diet (for life), and soon you can’t even anymore remember the days you used to order a double cheeseburger.

Here are a few Healthy Heart Foods

There are a few foods that give the heart an easier time.

Green Vegetables to get Magnesium and Potassium
Fresh Fruit for Vitamin C (this vitamin is very important, a lot of it is included in my heart healthy diet plan)

Find a Heart Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Those who are overweight often have heart problems, and because of that many people who are interested in this subject also want to lose weight.

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