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There is one online school for nutrition that stand out from the other online nutrition courses or certification programs when it comes to quality of their teachings, lecturers, convenience and helpfulness of their staff.

I'm Antonia Nyberg by the way, 

feel free to reach out if there is something you want to ask.

Towards the end of the course you even get help with starting your own practice, if that is something you would be interested in. I actually founded this detox diet website while I was still studying there many years ago, because of how inspired I got.

Everything happens on the internet, so you don't have to leave your home, which is not the case with all holistic nutrition courses. You get a text book and a journal sent to your home, but other than that you will be doing the work on your computer.

But if you wanted to travel to New York to attend one of the talks of the famous speakers this school invites in regularly, you can of course do that.

For me though, it was a huge relief that there was no need to travel anywhere. Without this online option I wouldn't even have been able to become a certified health coach. Through their app I was able to listen to the lectures and see videos of the most inspiring lectures I've seen in the health and nutrition field so far.

So if you would want to start studying nutrition yourself, I can warmly recommend the I have graduated from. It is one year long and you earn college credits by studying there in case you would like to go on and take a master in nutrition later on.

After graduation you will become a certified holistic health coach. Wouldn't that be quite cool? By this time next year you could already have your diploma.

Check out the curriculum guide to see if this could be something for you.

You will get all the information about the course that you need in this guide, and you can also talk to the admissions office and ask whatever you would like to know.

They do have very good payment plans for those of us with low incomes. 

online school for nutrition

This nutrition school is really unique.

It is also really nice how the classmates keep in touch actively and collaborate on projects also after graduation.

Somehow even new students of the school find me on facebook. There is always something interesting to discuss with like minded people, so my days are filled with fun.

If you are interested in getting your training at the same online school for nutrition where I studied, just email me and I will tell you more about it.

Getting Your Health Coach Certificate From This School Can Help You Become a Nutritionist

Some people have asked me which online school for nutrition to attend in order to become a qualified nutritionist. Well, you could start by getting a bachelors in Biology and then continue on with a Masters in Nutrition or you could study Dietetics. But did you know that many people who are looking for nutritionist courses and degrees first take this same one year course that I've been talking about?


Because after graduation they are eligible to do a major in nutrition, even though their Bachelors Degree was in a totally different field.

Take me as an example, I did fashion design at FIT in NY... then I decided that I want a masters in nutrition - but they won't take me anywhere if I don't have a degree in Biology or something related to nutrition - unless I have done a one year course like this. And now I have! So soon I will start my Science of Nutrition master and I will become a nutritionist. Wohoo!

Is there any other online school for nutrition you recommend?

Well, to me this one is the one to choose out of the ones out there at the moment. It teaches you a holistic view on health, you will learn a lot about how our health and what we eat is connected, how to be a professional and caring health practitioner, how to decide who you want to help, how to find clients... You will also be going through the pros and cons of many different diets.

If you have any questions or want my opinion on another school or nutrition correspondence course you are considering, just contact me.

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