Raw Food Cleanse

A Great Raw Food Cleanse / Detox Cleansing Diet

This is a raw food meal plan for those who don't want to give up eating sold food when cleansing. You will find raw food recipes for each meal of the day for 7 days straight.

A few of my clients asked me to make a raw food meal plan for them because they wanted to go raw. And one was asking for it to include cleansing foods but at the same time satisfying and delicious meals.

I worked on a plan for several days and then sent it to my clients and got great feedback. That is when I came up with the idea of sharing it with more people. I am sure you will also benefit from this meal plan and the delicious healthy recipes in it. I decided that you guys will be able to download it here, so just about everyone will have a chance to start eating healthy.

This is what one of my clients said after receiving the plan:

"OMG Antonia,  This is incredible!  Thank you so very much!  You are heaven sent. Can't wait to get this raw food party started! I'll talk to you Sunday."

  • When you download this plan, you will get a 7 day raw food cleanse that is raw and whole plant food based, with great recipes plus a list of food that is always good to keep in the house - so eating unhealthy won’t ever be an option!
  • Learn how to eat and prepare meals so that detoxing and eating healthy and raw will be easy from now on.

This detox cleanse diet is made up of such healthy meals and it's so well thought out that you could keep eating like this - no problem! Other family members will like it too!

Let's eat to heal

Go on a detox diet.

More About this Raw Food Cleanse Diet

This one is also good to do some time before a more radical fast is a great way to prepare your body. But you could also take this meal plan and turn it into a permanent way of eating.

Eating this way will make sure you stay healthy and also keep your weight under control if that is something you have been struggling with.

The plant-based meals here don’t contain gluten, grains, beans, animal products or sugar.

Perfect Detox Breakfast

When you go on a detox cleansing diet like this, you will have to go and buy fresh fruit on a regular basis, and vegetables too. At least twice a week. I must say that I go fruit shopping almost every day because both my son and I eat a high fruit diet – which is naturally cleansing.

Try to buy organic, it’s actually very important when it comes to cleansing. But if you can’t, add apple cider vinegar to and some baking soda to a bowl of water and let the fruit and veggies soak in there for 10 minutes and then rinse them off.

Detox Diet Tips

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Detox Diet Diary:

'I have had a lot of herbal tea today, like every day this week. But today I added parsley in there too so it became kind of like a broth. It felt very nourishing.

I'm a little hungry but will go out to get more fruit in an hour because it's finished. I am a little slower than usual, I feel like I do things in slow-motion. But I know my body is working hard on the inside, so I have to be understanding and patient.'