Sugar Detox Diet

I invite you to do a sugar detox diet together with me!

I have two different sugar detox options here. Let me know which one you would feel more comfortable choosing.

This one is not like other e-diets out there. It is much more personal because I will be there whenever you need help. You can also continue with it for many months if you like! Short diets don't work anyway. But whenever you feel you are ready to continue on your own, you are of course free to do so.

How this Healthy Online e-Diet works:

First you will send me some information about yourself and what you are looking to achieve. I'll look at the information and after that you will get emails to your inbox every week telling you what to do next. What to buy at the grocery store and exactly what to eat and how to prepare it.

I will also be here for you to give you suggestions whenever you need.

This will go on for 12 weeks, or less if you feel you have reached your goal earlier :)

This e-diet really works because its not some "get slim quick diet". It will help you make great lasting changes to your eating habits and it will also encourage you to make other changes as well. You will walk out smarter, more stable and most of all.. happier!

A Few Healthy Eating Tips When Dieting

- When dieting it's especially wise to say no to sugar, white and brown, and all kinds of syrup (which is basically water plus sugar) and most of all high fructose corn syrup.

- Eat fruit! It really is SO good for us. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of fruit, even when you are one a diet!

But if you still would like to focus on fruits that are low in sugar, then go ahead and make the following fruits a part of your diet.





cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries

Here you find some more healthy weight loss tips.

Also, you can get a healthy meal plan here.

I know you want to lose weight. But make sure you don't overdo it...


Most women want to become fit and slim but not skinny. Some curves are nice to have, at least that's how I see it. I mean would you want to totally lose your boobs or your butt?

So, how do we keep some curves, but still lose weight?

weight loss

Your breasts are made up of fat, so the skinnier you get, the smaller they will become.

There are some muscles behind them, but women have a hard time pumping them up like the chest of some men - because of the lack of male hormones in our body.

But if you still want to try, the best exercise here would be push ups! All different kinds of them.

Working on the muscles in the chest area will at least lift your chest up a bit and that of course looks nice.

Your behind - this we can do something about! It is possible to get a super sexy butt by working out!

If you have noticed your bum is sagging a little bit, I can imagine you want to do something about it.

One thing that helps is doing some isolated butt exercises - every day for a couple of months.

Squats with weights on your shoulders are good. For example 50 of them a day. A bit boring but worth it.

Be careful not to hurt your knees while doing them though.

I'm sure you can still get the body you've always wanted :)

This was quite interesting - a little about why fasting will help you lose weight:

Being on a detox is a form of fasting, so I assume this is the reason all clients who sign up for one and want to lose weight actually do. Even those who didn't want to, lose some anyway!

Good luck and hope you will like my healthy online e-diet.

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