Vegan Detox Diet

I am working on a vegan detox diet with meal plans that will be amazing with so many delicious recipes!

Ok, this is really so exciting! When the plan is done, which I hope will be very soon, then you will be able to sign up and you will get it to you by email. It will be super easy to just follow it and you won't have to do anything else to detox and you will feel great.

And don't worry, you will NOT be starving when following this plan. The recipes are mouthwatering and there will also be recipes for easy desserts that are so good for you! Imagine being able to eat something that's so good and not having to feel guilty for eating a lot of it :)

A new healthy meal plan every week can help you with learning how to make easy vegan meals and snacks for yourself that help detox your body. Getting the information as emails will remind you to keep going and to stay strong. 

My first Vegan Detox Diet subscriber

I met a friend during the holidays and she is going to be one of the first people who will sign up for this detox I'm sure. She told me that it has gone so far that she is now ashamed of how much she eats, and she often eats all kinds of sweets quickly in the kitchen when her husband can't see her. It is sad that it has to go that far.

Once she starts following this program, things will start to look so different for her. If she stays vegan for life - we will see. 


This was an informative article by the way:

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