Weight Loss Detox Diet

A weight loss detox diet could be almost anything as long as it cleanses out your body and at the same time helps you lose weight.

Would a 3 day juice fast work? 

Nah, that will be an excellent start but if you only do that and go back to eating unhealthy, you won't have succeeded. 

A detox program that is a little longer in length can actually help you change some thought patterns that lead you to feel bad abut yourself and often stop you from keeping your weight off in the long run. Believe or not, some of us don't feel like we deserve to look our best and want to ruin it for ourselves once we get there. 

I hope that by being enrolled in one of my programs, you will keep yourself motivated and happy and that way you won't give in or give up!

Detox for Weight Loss

My programs will also help you with getting rid of cravings. Wouldn't it be nice not to want soda, chocolate or chips anymore? It might seem like something impossible, but in reality it is very possible, I know you can do it. 

If you struggle with your weight, but feel you are ready (I mean really ready!) to make a change, a nutritionist or health coach (like me) could help you out.

If you would like to talk more about this, you can always contact me, don't be shy.

A lot of people who are wondering about things related to detoxing, dieting and losing weight. For example, a huge amount of people want to find a quick weight loss program or food replacements and even pills so they ask for advice... But when it comes to reaching that ideal weight and keeping it off, you need to have patience and you actually need to eat real food. No pills will do the trick.

A lasting change doesn't happen over night.

Food writer Mark Bittman had a speech at the nutrition school where I got my diploma, he told us that he was seriously overweight some years ago and his doctor suggested he would stop eating meat and cheese and butter. He laughed.

I'm vegan since a few years now and totally agree that it is a great way to go when it comes to this.

Here I talk about my Healthy Fast Weight Loss Detox program.

About healthy weight loss programs here.

This video also fits this topic well:

Healthy Weight Loss Detox Diet

While it's true that most people lose weight when staring to eat healthy, there also needs to be a bigger reason for it than to shed a few pounds.


Because otherwise you won't stick with it for too long.

So how about eating healthy because you want to nourish your body and protect it?

Because you really want the best for your body and your mind!

Plus think of our planet and the animals... They will hugely benefit from us choosing organic, buying less packaged food (less plastic waste) and also eating less dairy and less meat.

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'Still detoxing on only fruit and water. It's been almost 20 days now. Feeling good. Today I had melon juice and peaches and detox herbs.'