Whole Body Detox Diet

Here is a complete whole body detox diet where we will detox and work on all organs, one at a time. You are literally going to be a new person when done!

The food we eat, the stress, the alcohol and coffee we drink.. all of it can over time become a little too much for the body to handle. This will show up either as weight gain, gut problems, rashes, poor circulation, thyroid issues, a-typical cells or just generally low energy.

This program will detox your whole body once and for all! And it will almost feel like being at a detox retreat - but online!

It's called:

The Full Body Cleanse Program

Fasting prevents illness

How do we know what way of eating is best for us? It's most of the time not something that's taught in school or at home.

And research show that a lot of us still get most of our calories from grain products coupled with cheese of some sort, and this kind of food can cause a lot of trouble. Sandwiches, casseroles, pies, pasta, pizza...

If we can follow a whole body detox diet for a while and:

  1. help the cells regenerate
  2. get all the junk out
  3. change our eating habits to new healthy ones
  4. finally live a healthier life with our cleaned out bodies

...then why not?

After all, feeling healthy, happy and beautiful should be our birth right.

So let's untangle the mess we have gotten ourselves into by doing a thorough cleanse.

How does the program look like and how long does it take?

It will take a few weeks to complete but you can stay as long as you need - I'm always here as long as you need me, doing the same thing - helping people to detox.

This program contains the Ultimate Detox Smoothie recipe that will change focus every week as we work on different parts of the body - liver, kidneys, GI-tract, gut, circulation, hormones, brain and nerves and more.

Detox juices, fruits, herbs and vegetables are also part of your diet plan.

No time for a whole body detox diet?

If you are looking for a shorter fast or cleanse, I also have detox diet plans on this site that only lasts a few days or one week.

Do you prefer having solid food?

If you are more comfortable with a whole foods based program where you don't have to give up eating regular (healthy) meals, I've got one of those plans here too.

Because of my experience working at a detox center, I feel I know the different things people are looking for and their concerns. I would like to think that I've thought of everything when designing these programs.

Hugs to you and I'm looking forward to reading your uplifting and inspirational testimonial in the near future!

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PS. You might find the information in this video interesting: 

Ref.: awarenessact.com/study-finds-that-fasting-for-72-hours-can-regenerate-the-entire-immune-system/?=wuw

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